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  1. I remember saying a looooong time ago that I wanted to make a reversible plush. I finally did it. VID_41241206_100042_182.mp4
  2. Don't get me wrong I'm very happy that .hack G.U. was remastered but... Anyone else notice bugs or glitches? This is on the PS4 version, I don't know about steam. There's some horrible clipping, mostly with En, Alkaid, Silabus. The clipping wasn't an issue with the older games. I expirence a hair glitch with Alkaid in the cutscene after Haseo struck her down with Skeith. Towards the middle of the game, when you go to a field or dungeon, when you first encounter an enemy, the field music and the battle music will stack with each other. That's all I have noticed so far I havent
  3. No one posted here yet so I'm curious. I have a twitch and a youtube channel but I rarely stream/upload anything.
  4. Only one I have done so far is D.Va from Overwatch, I was working on one from TERA online but I never finished it in time for the convention I was going to, it's still not done. I moving on and going for another one. Since Overwatch was so popular at the convention I went to last year I'm going as Ghoul Ana. I have pictures! [D.Va] [Casual D.Va][Group Photo] Do You have pictures?
  5. Just wondering if anyone else cosplays here. I got into cosplaying last year. It's so much fun. I would love to do a .hack one but I don't know which character to be!
  6. It's so cute! This gives me an idea for another project now! A DIY Reversible Chim-Chim Plush. One side will be blue, and the reverse side would be yellow! I could make a tutorial video out of it if anyone is interested?
  7. Yes it does! It pulses just like the tri-edge sign in game. I have a recording of it on my [tumblr] Unfortunately with the glares and lighting, the picture does the project no justice. It looks waaay cooler in person Next on my list is the first series~
  8. I would like to enter please! I was so excited to hear about the remake that I turned my old ps2 games into a shrine
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