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  1. Azar0n

    Team Canard, help me

    I will buy a ps2 in this case (it must not be very expensive anyway). "The 4th will prove to be rare and expensive", I always have what i want. Before that i profit the 4 volumes of GU. If you can advisor me on the cd music who have the best tracks of .hack i would thank you. I have the first cd of hack sign, just that. I don't know what to buy in first for the best enjoyment.
  2. Azar0n

    Team Canard, help me

    Hello, I'm new in the world, so be gentle. I discover hack with hack sign there is few years but I did not know that the hack universe was so big (I didn't understand anything when i watch it XD). But i am seriously interested in hack universe after my discover of the game hack GU on PS4. I follow youtube channel of Rekka Alexiel because i'm fan ok work of yoko taro and i follow her for had info on nier automata. And she made me discover this remake of hack. I watch hack root during the wait of the shipment and i currently play the game (i'm in the volume 1). I just bought hack cell, hack GU in novel (just the tome 1 for the moment), the ost of hack sign, the box of hack sign with 5 figures. I am a newbie but i have the sensation that this serie is for me. I'm just sad that i can't play the first quadrilogie because i don't have ps2. You advise me to wait for the a remake or buy them on ps2 ? I hesitate buy a ps2 just for this games...(and drakengard 1) I can't understant all the magnificience of hack serie if i don't play has all the games. Don't PK me please.