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  1. qwetroop

    The World R1 ((OPEN//ACCEPTING))

    Welcome To The World CC2 OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT X/X/XXXX: The beta testing phase of the brand-new MMORPG "The World" concluded last month, and the official launch is upon us. "The World" will be the first major networked multiplayer game since the global catastrophe known as "Pluto's Kiss," and while we have spent the years since refining our security measures, we of course always insist that players maintain safe and healthy online practices while enjoying "The World." We thank all of those who took part in the beta, and look forward to seeing every one of you inside "The World." RULES+ GENERAL: Be respectful of the other RP participants, obey forum TOS. No God-Modding, I am willing to work with you to have your character fit, but she can't own the whole Net Slum. ACTIVITY: Participants are not required to post every day, but every post is expected to have substance, at least a paragraph per post and preferably a post per week minimum. CHARACTER APPLICATIONS: Please open up a new thread entitled "TWR1(Character Name) Profile" and include the following information Both your forum and discord(#XXXX) usernames: Username: IRL Name: Class/(Element): Appearance:(Please include a reference image that can appear in all of your posts as well as some textual description.) Personality: Background:(How did they find out about The World?) Equipment:(From IMOQ, here's a useful link http://lindzchan.pafu.org/dothack/infection/armor.php please only include item name and associated skill.) CHARACTER RULES AND SPECIAL ROLES: This RP is taking place right at the beginning of the launch of The World, so most characters are expected to be low-level, please keep this in mind when creating your profile. There will be a limited number of "special roles" available for those who desire them, the slots are below, if you have any questions about these roles, please message me here or on discord. WANDERING AI: 0/2 COBALT KNIGHTS: 0/3 HACKED CHARACTERS: 0/2 BETA TESTERS: 0/2 Discord server https://discord.gg/HSgke8B qwetroop#0555
  2. qwetroop

    Youmacon 2018

    I managed to find grunties! Definitely wish I had more time, I ended up having to completely re-make the spear the morning of the convention but all in all i think it turned out pretty well! I plan on continuing to upgrade this costume for the next convention I go to as well, I eventually want to have a really high quality spear of wotan.
  3. qwetroop

    Youmacon 2018

    If anyone will be at Youmacon this year, my boyfriend and I will be there walking around one day as Tsukasa and Albireo, it'd be rad to see anyone else there in .hack// gear so if you'll be there please say hello. I'll also post pics in this thread of our cosplays once they're done.