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  1. Went this year as Helba, while my friends posed as the Ginyu force (they won a prize!)


    The costume is home made, took several weeks and almost 200 € but I still had to rush at the end x_x.

    I find it funny that there is a bag in this pic that is not ours but it seems just as confused to be there xD


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  2. Username: Vera Discord: Vera#5435
    Username: Viridian
    IRL Name: Vera
    Class/(Element): Long Arm, Wood
    Level: 8
    Appearance: (this is temporary, but works for now. Until further edited you can imagine the PC to be pretty much Gardenia-like)

    Personality: Stubborn. Prefers to solo dungeons, then complains if they are too hard for a single player. Often sarcastic, tends to push people away as much as possible, even though she suffers from solitude and secretly aims to be wanted.

    Background: Will try a lot of MMOs looking for that perfect one, wishing to be part of the "core players" of the meta, but never actually grinds long enough to enjoy any of them. Thriving to be a recognized part of the community while simultaneously hating any socializing is a duality that leaves her undecided and confused. Somewhat hypocritical.
    She heard of The World through a general gamer forum she occasionally checks for new ideas.

    Head: Steel Cap (Repth)
    Body: Ring Mail (Juk Kruz)
    Hand: Wrist Band (Juk Rom)
    Leg: Sandals

    Weapon: Wooden Spear (Double Sweep)
    Grunty: Iron Grunty