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    Animagic 2019

    Went this year as Helba, while my friends posed as the Ginyu force (they won a prize!) The costume is home made, took several weeks and almost 200 € but I still had to rush at the end x_x. I find it funny that there is a bag in this pic that is not ours but it seems just as confused to be there
  2. Username: Vera Discord: Vera#5435 Username: Viridian IRL Name: Vera Class/(Element): Long Arm, Wood Level: 8 Appearance: (this is temporary, but works for now. Until further edited you can imagine the PC to be pretty much Gardenia-like) Personality: Stubborn. Prefers to solo dungeons, then complains if they are too hard for a single player. Often sarcastic, tends to push people away as much as possible, even though she suffers from solitude and secretly aims to be wanted. Background: Will try a lot of MMOs looking for that perfect one, wishing to be part of the "core pla
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    No but one day we will catch that SpiderMan 🏄‍♂️
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    Thank you kindly.
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    Hello, salutations dothackers. I come from the discord and figured my first post should be in the presentations. Who am I? A friend, or perhaps a foe?
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