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  1. Scygoku


    ^(@.@) Howdy fellow dothacker~ :D Glad to hear you finally started to play through IMOQ, its far better than just watching a playthrough as you have full control to explore~ d(^_^) Nice purchase of Last Recode, a shame IMOQ didn't get a digital release and going by the cost of the games they aren't easy to purchase ^^' :P are you making good use of speed charms and fairy orbs?
  2. Scygoku

    About This Forum

    There is far more activity over on the discord rather than on the forum where posts are few and far between ^.^ http://www.dothack.org/blogs/entry/817-dothack-discord/
  3. Scygoku

    .hack//ENEMY 3rd Giveaway

    ^(^ - ^)^ Round 3~
  4. Scygoku

    Looking for the .Hack trading cards

    http://stores.ebay.de/spielmixac/?_dmd=1&_nkw=.hack Has a good number of promo cards and most are fairly cheap @.@
  5. Scygoku

    stop lvl progression?

    Not that i'm aware of, Last Recode makes it far too easy to level up as they increased damage output and EXP gain so you'll be flying through levels and not get much fighting. To raise their weapons its best to fight in the arena and perform a Rengeki/Hangeki or aside from that use the beginner/master books to raise levels with characters but they aren't common but you are able to get them in vol 3 for a price ^^'
  6. Scygoku

    Looking for Uncut sheet Hack//Enemy

    hopefully the winners this time will actually get them lol
  7. Scygoku


    ^(^_^) welcome to the boards fellow dothacker~
  8. Scygoku

    So does anyone Stream/YT?

    xD you should do a stream if you want to,surely some fans will watch as there can't be that many .hack videos out there~
  9. Scygoku

    .hack//LIMINALITY Director Scripts

    o-0 I recall you posting about this but I didn't realise you had a thread with links on it for donation,I wasn't sure it was going ahead and then you mentioned the cost was covered.
  10. Scygoku

    Logs in and says hello

    ^(^_^) welcome to the boards fellow dothacker~
  11. Scygoku

    Hi there

    thats quite abit of time, but good luck on the retexturing of Mac Anu~ ^(^ - ^)^ keep up the awesome work
  12. Scygoku

    Looking for the .Hack trading cards

    Ebay has several promo cards,just need to search for them on there though occasionally there are bundles so check for those before buying individually @.@ There are other .hack card sets but they are Japanese only~
  13. Scygoku

    Hi there

    Howdy fellow dothacker~ Also nice to meet another dothack fan,how long does a map generally take to make?
  14. Scygoku


    ^(@.@) howdy there fellow dothacker~
  15. Scygoku

    Team Canard, help me

    It may be easier to pick up the PAL (European) versions of IMOQ considering that Quarantine at the very least can be bought for £50 or so compared to £130 for the US version ^^' That or find a friend/family member you can borrow the games off of or play round at