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    New .hack merch

    Feel free to post about any new .hack merch that has been announced or recently got released There are two new items though I only see one of them In CC2's new online store: http://www.cc2.co.jp/cc2store/?cat=7 http://www.cc2.co.jp/cc2store/?p=792 http://shop.kotobukiya.co.jp/shop/shopdetail.html?brandcode=000000003010&search=.hack&sort= CC2 are getting creative with new merchandise
  2. Taking this thread idea from another forum,some of you may recognize which I'm sure many of you have picked up something rare at one point or another, which do you consider to be the rarest? Heck even owning the games counts considering their cost..unless the got a digital/physical re-release down the line Not entirely sure what would be my rarest since many are discontinued/limited edition so I'll post a few .hack//Quantum FES w/ contents inside (cinema release only) .hack//G.U. Special Edition and .hack//Sign vol 7 Limited Edition (w figure/mouse mats) Sakuya Keychain .hack//Archives 03 Limited Edition .hack//Archives 02 WHITE Limited Edition Rei Idumi set and Megane Kikuya doujin Promo G.U Keychain I've not seen anywhere else
  3. Howdy there fellow dothackers! Like a vast number of you i've been following .hack since way back in 2004 (or even longer in some cases) though it wasn't till much later I came across the .hack//GIFT set in Forbidden Planet. After which I tried to get ahold of the .hack//Enemy cards seeing as they were fairly cheap on ebay even for full boxes with exception on the promo cards...depending of the seller ofcourse >.> After that I came across .hack//LINK Victory Spark cards via Rakuten and managed to obtain afew booster boxes however getting all the cards is a challenge as you get 1 holographic card per box with a total of 16 .-. Following the use of yahoo auctions (and ebay) I found afew other card series,some of which I did not know existed. Which brings us to topic of is there any other .hack card series? Here is what I've came across so far: -.hack//Enemy: 5 booster series, 8 decks, GIFT set and many promo/tournament cards (Elk + Mia decks not shown) -.hack//LINK Victory Spark: 1 booster series,trial deck with signed versions of 2 cards (+1 shiny Saika) and 4 promo cards. http://vs-tcg.wikidot.com -.hack//G.U. The Card Battle: 84 cards http://dothack.wikia.com/wiki/Card_Battle -Cardd[censored] Masters: These came from .hack//SIGN dvds and have characters on their backs. -.hack//TC & TCG (Cardd[censored] Masters): Released in the same booster pack with 7 cards from each inside. http://www.happy-pocket.net/fan/hack/tc.htm -.hack AP cards 1-4 + .hack//SIGN 1-5: Came across these in an auction,unsure of their source.