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  1. ^(@.@) Howdy fellow dothacker~ 

    :D Glad to hear you finally started to play through IMOQ, its far better than just watching a playthrough as you have full control to explore~   d(^_^) Nice purchase of Last Recode, a shame IMOQ didn't get a digital release and going by the cost of the games they aren't easy to purchase ^^' 

    :P are you making good use of speed charms and fairy orbs?

  2. On 3/14/2018 at 4:57 AM, mrpipdarty said:

    Hiya, I am new here, be gentle :3

    Recently got deeply invested in the series again thanks to the GU last recode release, and am dying to get a hold of the tcg games. Does anyone know of a comprehensive list of all the english printed cards and where they may be located? I am mostly interested in the tournament cards from the enemy TCG such as Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground. 

    http://stores.ebay.de/spielmixac/?_dmd=1&_nkw=.hack  Has a good number of promo cards and most are fairly cheap @.@

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  3. Not that i'm aware of, Last Recode makes it far too easy to level up as they increased damage output and EXP gain so you'll be flying through levels and not get much fighting. To raise their weapons its best to fight in the arena and perform a Rengeki/Hangeki or aside from that use the beginner/master books to raise levels with characters but they aren't common but you are able to get them in vol 3 for a price ^^'  

  4. On 5/28/2018 at 5:18 PM, Dulera said:

    Thought about it, but nobody would want to watch this old guy. :P

    xD you should do a stream if you want to,surely some fans will watch as there can't be that many .hack videos out there~ 

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  5. On 3/12/2018 at 4:23 PM, Kendofang said:

    Most of the maps I built took anywhere from 1 full day to about 3 full days to build. Larger maps like the root towns take longer. Its going to take us a while to completely retexture Mac Anu with microblock designs.

    xD thats quite abit of time, but good luck on the retexturing of Mac Anu~  ^(^ - ^)^ keep up the awesome work

  6. It may be easier to pick up the PAL (European) versions of IMOQ considering that Quarantine at the very least can be bought for £50 or so compared to £130 for the US version ^^'

    That or find a friend/family member you can borrow the games off of or play round at xD 

  7. ^(@.@) howdy fellow dothacker~ 

    Amazon and ebay are usually your best bet unless you frequent shops selling 2nd hand PS2 games, PAL copies of Infection/Mutation are relatively cheap but make sure they come with Liminality. Outbreak and Quarantine are pricier but nowhere near as bad compared to the US prices ^^'



  8. xD well the community has been relatively silent on most forums until Last Recode and the constant release of merchandise of late. Was .hack//INFECTION what got you into the series?

    I'm enjoying Last Recode,they added so much though kinda wish the exp gain wasn't so high ^^'  even without cheat mode i'm leveling up too fast. 



  9. Seeing as .hack uses VR headsets it would already fit in with the series lore to be using VR, with any luck they plan to do something along these lines assuming Last Recode's sales are good and they don't have other plans e.g. IMOQ re-master xD

  10. ^_^ Howdy there fellow dothackers!  Like a vast number of you i've been following .hack since way back in 2004 (or even longer in some cases) though it wasn't till much later I came across the .hack//GIFT set in Forbidden Planet. After which I tried to get ahold of the .hack//Enemy cards seeing as they were fairly cheap on ebay even for full boxes with exception on the promo cards...depending of the seller ofcourse >.>    

    After that I came across .hack//LINK Victory Spark cards via Rakuten and managed to obtain afew booster boxes however getting all the cards is a challenge as you get 1 holographic card per box with a total of 16  .-.   Following the use of yahoo auctions (and ebay) I found afew other card series,some of which I did not know existed.

    Which brings us to topic of is there any other .hack card series?
    Here is what I've came across so far:

    -.hack//Enemy: 5 booster series, 8 decks, GIFT set and many promo/tournament cards (Elk + Mia decks not shown)

    -.hack//LINK Victory Spark: 1 booster series,trial deck with signed versions of 2 cards (+1 shiny Saika) and 4 promo cards. http://vs-tcg.wikidot.com

    -.hack//G.U. The Card Battle: 84 cards http://dothack.wikia.com/wiki/Card_Battle

    -Cardd[censored] Masters: These came from .hack//SIGN dvds and have characters on their backs.

    -.hack//TC & TCG (Cardd[censored] Masters): Released in the same booster pack with 7 cards from each inside. http://www.happy-pocket.net/fan/hack/tc.htm

    -.hack AP cards 1-4 + .hack//SIGN 1-5: Came across these in an auction,unsure of their source.