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  1. Hi! I'm a cosplayer from the USA. I haven't unfortunately done any .hack// characters, though I have cosplayed from other series. I recently completed Kaoru Sakurayashiki / Cherry Blossom from SK8 the Infinity, as well as cosplayed Shiro and Matt Holt from Voltron, and Ryousuke Kominato from Ace of Diamond. I did design a Mia kigurumi that I hope to eventually bring to life one day. Mia Kigurumi Design Cherry Blossom from SK8 the Infinity Cosplay Ryousuke Kominato from Ace of Diamond Cosplay Shiro and Matt Holt from Voltron Cosplays
  2. Hi! Gosh this feels so nostalgic. I'm roxaskitax! I used to join several of the dothack communities back in the day. Really love all the series, though .hack//sign was my first series to watch at the time. You know when it used to air on tv at like 6am in the morning, right? Good ole days. It's still good to see fans from all over on here and I definitely keep up with it from time to time on social media. Nice to meet you all! ^^ Feel free to check out my art here or give my small business a follow over here . I'm a seamstress, artist, and cosplayer. Really enjoy what I do and perhaps ma
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