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    .hack // GU
    Hase model business card case .hack // GU
    ¥ 6,800 + Tax
    Free shipping on items over 13,000 yen (tax not included)

    A card case that has an image of a 1st form hase. I'm glad the belt on the flap has been decorated with Hase!
    The interior has been given an embossed AIDA image and a honeycomb pattern.
    The red stitching on the black fabric is cool.
    There are also 4 card pockets, and the storage capacity is also outstanding.

    Country of origin / Chinese
    material / Body / Interior: Polyurethane Hardware: Iron, zinc alloy Lining: polyester

    size    height    width    Depth    Card storage
    Free    7.5 cm    11 cm    1.5 cm    4 places

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    .hack // GU
    Hase Model Wallet .hack // GU
    ¥ 9,800 + Tax
    Free shipping on items over 13,000 yen (tax not included)

    A two-folded wallet that has the image of a 1st form hase bag.
    Design that reproduces the belt × Finish of a sharp impression with the texture of the texture like a rose.
    The surface has a tattoo of the belly of the Hase rabbit, and the inside is embossed with the image of AIDA.
    The red stabbing color applied to the interior and stitching of the hex pattern is cool!

    Country of origin / China
    Material / Body / Interior: Polyurethane Hardware: Iron / Zinc Alloy Lining: Polyester

    size    Vertical    side    depth    Number of stored cards
    Free    9.5 cm        11.5 cm    2 cm    5 sheets

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    .hack // GU
    .hack // GU model watch
    ¥ 18,800 + Tax
    free shipping

    A black leather belt and red stitching with a silky texture inspired by the 1st form.
    The board is a motif of "snake of knowledge". Wherever you are, you can figure out all the time.
    There is a scar of three claw marks left on the back cover.

    ※ For repair of the watch, failure, battery replacement, and size adjustment will be manufacturer support.
    Please contact Marzeki from the following e-mail address.

    Country of origin / China
    material / Case · back lid · crown buckle: stainless steel Dial / needle: brass Windshield: mineral glass Band: leather (lining: synthetic leather) Machine: MIYOTA 6P28 (made in Japan)

    size    Vertical face    Dial sideways    Case vertical    Case horizontal
    Free    3.5 cm    3.5 cm    4.9 cm    4.2 cm
    Belt width    Minimal around arm    Max around arm
    2 cm    13.5 cm    19.5 cm

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