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  1. The history of .hack//fragment on the anniversary of November 22nd 2005 via @YouTube airing at 2am PST. #ドットハック #dothack
  2. .hack//VERSUS was a Playstation 3 arcade 3D fighting like game. Like traditional fighting games, there is a story mode you can progress and unlock additional content as you progress. There's a set number of eight fighters to choose from with their own unique moves. Any person any where can play .hack//VERSUS on a PS3 from any region, the game itself was only released in Japan as NTSC-J game region. But the PS3 is region free, therefore players from USA with their NTSC-U/C region console, can pop the disc in and play without difficulty, same for PAL region consoles from UK, France, German, Italy, etc... And as long as the Playstation Network is still functional for the PS3 (unlike the scare from Summer 2021 where PSN was almost shut down), anyone can play .hack//VERSUS online with each other across the world. You can also play .hack//VERSUS on a PC using the emulator RPCS3. As long as your PC is powerful enough; you can run RPCS3 to emulate .hack//VERSUS, with a controller plugged in via USB, and with RPCN configured correctly you can even play .hack//VERSUS online with other PC players. (alternatively you can use parsec to jump directly on someone's PC to play as player 2) However PC and PS3 users can not play cross-platform, PS3 can only play PS3 and PC can only play PC users. Here's how to setup. How to Setup RPCS3 Download PS3 emulator RPCS3 for your OS (Windows/Linux) https://rpcs3.net/download Use your own PS3 firmware, or the one online at https://www.playstation.com/en-us/support/hardware/ps3/system-software/ http://dus01.ps3.update.playstation.net/update/ps3/image/us/2021_0601_a0b63a3e4ae92ed176d6b9a67ce447f0/PS3UPDAT.PUP Using the Quick Start guide, go to File > Install Firmware, select PS3UPDAT.PUP (if file is renamed, it will not be available to select) https://rpcs3.net/quickstart From the menu bar, choose Configuration > CPU. Adjust the emulator core settings as follows: CPU Tab PPU Decoder > Recomplier (LLVM) SPU Decoder > Recomplier (LLVM) Additional Settings > [Check] Lower SPU thread priority Adjust the emulator graphic settings as follows: GPU Tab Renderer > Vulcan Aspect Ratio > 16:9 Default Resolution > 1280x720 Everything else on page unchecked Either find the game files for VERSUS online or make your own game files off your own disc and move file to dev_hdd0\disc To dump your own ISO from your .hack//The Movie+VERSUS hybrid PS3 disc, you will need a PS3 with a Custom Firmware CFW using the the homebrew software MultiMAN or other compatible app. Once your game ISO is extracted, you can transfer the game from your PS3 via external HDD or via FTP to your PC. Alternatively you can use a PC and a Bluray drive, but it must be compatible. A list of compatible devices and instructions for use can be read on the quick start guide. https://rpcs3.net/quickstart Plugin and a PS3/4/5 controller or an Xbox One/Series controller and go to Pads from Configuration > Pads Under Player 1 and under Handlers, you can choose Keyboard, Dual Shock 3 (PS3), Dual Shock 4 (PS4), Dual Sense (PS5), XInput (Xbox One/Series). Choose your controller then hit save. However you acquired the game from step 7 or 8, back in step 6 the game files should be stored as dev_hdd0\disc\BLJS93008, after launching rpcs3.exe the game should show, if not, press the Refresh button. Double click the game to launch or click the Play button. On the first launch of the game, it will take some time to load. This will be much faster after your first time launch.
  3. .hack//New World iOS/Android Mobile Game Youtube Shorts via @YouTube #ドットハック #dothack
  4. Guilty Dragon iOS Android videogame YouTube Shorts via @YouTube #ドットハック #dothack
  5. Version 4.5.2


    全てが嘘でもその真実と共に生きると決めた----- 大人気『テイルズ オブ』シリーズのキャラクターが本編の記憶を持って、異世界で出会い繰り広げる「原体験 x IF世界」の壮大なストーリー。  リオンとジューダスは何を語るのか?  アイゼンとエドナの再会は? 本編の想いをそのままに、新たな展開を迎える… ◆本編スタッフによる完全新作シナリオ◆ 「テイルズ オブ シンフォニア」「テイルズ オブ ジ アビス」を手がけた実弥島巧氏が原案を担当。 メインシナリオはクライマックスの「ラスト クレイドル」編へ突入! 新編テーマソングは「テイルズ オブ グレイセス」から11年ぶりのタイアップとなる『BoA』が担当。 ※シナリオ切替えで「テイルズ オブ ザ レイズ」編「テイルズ オブ ザ レイズ ミラージュ プリズン」編「フェアリーズ レクイエム」編も遊ぶことが出来ます。 ◆豪華声優が演じるキャラクターが多数登場◆ ダオスやバルバトス、ミトスなど、本編では操作できなかったキャラクターもプレイアブルに!シリーズ最多の200人以上が参戦中! 参戦キャラクターは今後も続々追加! 《参加声優一覧》 花江夏樹、照井春佳、内山昂輝、下地紫野、鳥海浩輔、石井真、花澤香菜、鈴木千尋、子安武人、木村良平、代永翼、今井由香、緑川光、南央美、保志総一朗、関智一、小西克幸、冬馬由美、佐藤利奈、浅倉杏美、草尾毅、伊藤健太郎、伊藤かな恵、檜山修之、鈴村健一、阿部敦、ゆかな、沢城みゆき、森永理科、竹本英史、水樹奈々、松本保典、福圓美里、逢坂良太、石田彰、皆口裕子、福山潤、柚木涼香、茅野愛衣、河原木志穂、森川智之、下野紘、釘宮理恵、岩男潤子、かないみか、三上枝織、早見沙織、中原麻衣、小清水亜美、小松未可子、小野大輔、杉田智和、木村亜希子、笹本優子、近藤隆、大谷育江、立木文彦、小野坂昌也、高山みなみ、高城元気、柿原徹也、うえだゆうじ、櫻井孝宏、植田佳奈、喜多村英梨、佐藤聡美、若本規夫、広橋涼、置鮎龍太郎、井上麻里奈、井上和彦、他、 【公式サイト】 http://torays.tales-ch.jp/ 【公式Twitter】 @talesof_therays 【動作OSや、その他のお問合わせについて】 https://bnfaq.channel.or.jp/contact/faq_list/1773 ※このアプリは、必ず上記リンク先に記載の動作環境でご利用ください。なお、動作環境でご利用の場合でも、お客様のご利用状況や機種特有の要因により、アプリが正常に動作しないことがあります。 ©いのまたむつみ ©藤島康介 ©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. このアプリケーションには、(株)CRI・ミドルウェアの「CRIWARE (TM)」が使用されています。
  6. Play any region PS2 .hack game on any PS2 console with this one update MechaPwn. You can turn your SCPH- console to a DTL-H model to disable region disc check. Like and subscribe to our video/channel
  7. It's common place to know that PS2 consoles only play PS2 games based on the region of the console you are playing on. For example if your PS2 game disc says NTSC-U/C on the disc itself, it will only play on a PS2 console that says NTSC-U/C near the model/serial number sticker on the back or the bottom of the console itself. There have been work around's but none like this. MechaPWN by MechaResearch lead by balika011 have made it that you can change your console's version to a debug version and will disable disc region check. https://github.com/MechaResearch/MechaPwn A few things to keep in mind: You must have FMCB version 1.9 Multi-Install, FreeDVDBoot, Open Tuna, or other methods of loading your USB storage. The console must be SCPH-500XX or higher. Can not be performed on a Debug or Developer unit PS2 console. Your DVD player will not be able to play DVD's until you update your DVD region. Will not play backup copied games, unless you choose a specific option. Has the potential to brick your console if done incorrectly. MechaResearch and DHN are not accountable if you choose to install MechaPWN and it bricks your console, install at your own risk. Watch MrMario's video installation guide here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzKVcpjugCE Below is a video to see it in action.
  8. Do you wish you could experience the feeling of playing an online mmorpg of The World or any genre of gameplay? The software is out there, it takes the creative talents of you and a team to make it happen, here's how! #ドットハック #dothack https://www.dothack.org/forums/topic/133-building-your-own-hack-game/
  9. In the past we saw many attempts of a fan .hack game with 2D and 3D games, most were online, but more importantly trying to capture that feeling of The World en masse. Unfortunately time, upkeep, and drama dwindled down those projects and games and all we have are memories. But anyone with motivation, time, and a goal can make their own .hack game in many formats from: text adventure, visual novels, 2D game, 2D online game, 3D game, and 3D online game. I'm leaving this topic open for the discussion for people interested in attempting at a .hack game, to show off their progress on either a standalone or game/server client based on The World. If you have a game in the works, let us know your progress. If you need help, seek peer-to-peer support here, or if you need a team, pitch your idea on our discord server to find your team. Useful links to programs Text Adventure: ADRIFT http://www.adrift.co/ Inform7 http://inform7.com/ Quest http://textadventures.co.uk/quest Twine https://twinery.org/ Visual Novels: Visual Novel Maker https://store.steampowered.com/app/495480 Ren'py https://www.renpy.org/ 2D Game: RPG Maker 2000 https://store.steampowered.com/app/383730 RPG Maker 2003 https://store.steampowered.com/app/362870 RPG Maker XP https://store.steampowered.com/app/235900 RPG Maker VX Ace https://store.steampowered.com/app/220700 RPG Maker MV https://store.steampowered.com/app/363890 Game Maker Studio https://www.yoyogames.com/get 2D Game & Server: BYOND http://www.byond.com/download/ Eclipse Origins https://www.indiedb.com/engines/eclipse-origins/downloads Elysium Diamond https://github.com/legacygamedev/elysiumdiamond32 Genus https://github.com/jikoriko/Genus Konfuze http://konfuze.atspace.com/HOME.htm Mirage https://github.com/link2x/gMirage PyORPG https://github.com/marcusmoller/pyorpg-client 3D Game: Blender http://www.blender.org/ Godot https://godotengine.org/ Unreal Engine https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/download Unity https://store.unity.com/download 3D Game & Server: MMORPG Tycoon 2 https://store.steampowered.com/app/486860/MMORPG_Tycoon_2/ And should you have concerns about CyberConnect2 coming after your project, hear this statement from the CEO himself regarding fan projects. Basically, go for it!, but don't tell us. And BandaiNamco's statement. https://www.bandainamcoent.com/legal/community-events/content-creator-guidelines Basically non-profits are good, better if you don't copy/paste textures, models, or art directly from them. Go forth and good luck!
  10. .hack//INFECTION Releases in NA (Feb 10, 2003) Happy 18th Anniversary! Join us on Discord and lets talk about that https://discord.gg/YkRJjQF #ドットハック #dothack #dothackers #dothackinfection #ps2 #playstation2 #sony #cc2 #cyberconnect2 #bandainamco #kite #blackrose
  11. Erroneous

    Fan Games

    Hello everyone! I would like to remind you that CyberConnects is back online. Also, Rebirth Prouductions staff is back in action producing another MMO. And don't forget to check out Iridium Based to learn more about their Kickstarter project starting soon!
  12. Erroneous

    Favorite Medium

    Which novel, manga, game, anime of dothack were you thankful for?
  13. .hack//frägment releases in Japan on November 22, 2005 #ドットハッ #dothack #dothackfragment #hackfragment #fragment #ps2 #playstation2 #CC2 #BandaiNamco
  14. CC2 Hiroshi answers "Ep. 17 CC2 making VR games?"
  15. From the album: Tales of the Rays

    From 09/14/2020 to 09/30/2020, enjoy this limited collaboration event featuring Haseo and Atoli along with skins for Kite, Alkaid, and Ovan in Tales of the Rays.
  16. Version 3.12.3


    嘘も真実も超える未来をつかむと決めた----- 大人気『テイルズ オブ』シリーズのキャラクターが本編の記憶を持って、異世界で出会い繰り広げる「原体験 x IF世界」の壮大なストーリー。  リオンとジューダスは何を語るのか?  アイゼンとエドナの再会は? 本編の想いをそのままに、新たな展開を迎える… ◆本編スタッフによる完全新作シナリオ◆ 「テイルズ オブ シンフォニア」「テイルズ オブ ジ アビス」を手がけた実弥島巧氏が原案を担当。 メインシナリオは新編「フェアリーズ レクイエム」がスタート! 新編テーマソングはシリーズ3作目のタイアップとなるDEENが担当。 ※シナリオ切替えで「テイルズ オブ ザ レイズ」編「テイルズ オブ ザ レイズ ミラージュ プリズン」編も遊ぶことが出来ます。 ◆豪華声優が演じるキャラクターが多数登場◆ ミトスやシンクなど、本編では操作できなかったキャラクターもプレイアブルに!シリーズ最多の150人以上が参戦中! 参戦キャラクターは今後も続々追加! 《参加声優一覧》 花江夏樹、照井春佳、内山昂輝、下地紫野、鳥海浩輔、石井真、花澤香菜、鈴木千尋、子安武人、木村良平、代永翼、今井由香、緑川光、南央美、保志総一朗、関智一、小西克幸、冬馬由美、佐藤利奈、浅倉杏美、草尾毅、伊藤健太郎、伊藤かな恵、檜山修之、鈴村健一、阿部敦、ゆかな、沢城みゆき、森永理科、竹本英史、水樹奈々、松本保典、福圓美里、逢坂良太、石田彰、皆口裕子、福山潤、柚木涼香、茅野愛衣、河原木志穂、森川智之、下野紘、釘宮理恵、岩男潤子、かないみか、三上枝織、早見沙織、中原麻衣、小清水亜美、小松未可子、小野大輔、杉田智和、木村亜希子、笹本優子、近藤隆、大谷育江、立木文彦、小野坂昌也、高山みなみ、高城元気、柿原徹也、うえだゆうじ、櫻井孝宏、植田佳奈、喜多村英梨、佐藤聡美、若本規夫、広橋涼、置鮎龍太郎、井上麻里奈、井上和彦、他、 【公式サイト】 http://torays.tales-ch.jp/ 【公式Twitter】 @talesof_therays 【動作OSや、その他のお問合わせについて】 https://bnfaq.channel.or.jp/contact/faq_list/1773 ※このアプリは、必ず上記リンク先に記載の動作環境でご利用ください。なお、動作環境でご利用の場合でも、お客様のご利用状況や機種特有の要因により、アプリが正常に動作しないことがあります。 ©いのまたむつみ ©藤島康介 ©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. このアプリケーションには、(株)CRI・ミドルウェアの「CRIWARE (TM)」が使用されています。
  17. .hack//Game Music Best Collection, a shorten version of the Perfect Collection, was released in North America on March 16th 2004. #dothack #dohackinfection #music #game #cd #cc2 #cyberconnect2 #victorentertainment
  18. Version 4.0.6


    A Minecraft based version of The World using various mods and server side additions to work just like The World does in the games. I'm currently the lead for this project. You just use your forum account for signing into the launcher instead of needing a Mojang account so ownership of Minecraft is not needed.
  19. I just found out that this exists and its blowing my heart to smithereens. I really wanna play this with a community of players to feel immersed in this dope-ass franchise. If anyone still manages to exist in [The World], feel free to direct me in the right places or at least lemme know if it's worth the experience.
  20. Fellow Dothack Network community member @zero_lost04 will be giving away a copy of .hack//G.U. Last Recode digital or physical to one random entry who tells us how you found .hack, memories of the series, and what the series and community means to you. Apply by answering these in a comment on the YouTube page.
  21. Red Bard discusses .hack//G.U. getting a physical release in this Youtube video.
  22. Erroneous

    Crimson VS Project

    Our friends at CyberConnects2 have initiated in a CrimsonVS project and are looking for graphic artists to help move their project forward. If you yourself or if you know someone experienced with graphic art, illustrations, or drawing; please consider their request and help move this project forward. Thanks! https://www.facebook.com/CyberConnects2/photos/o.211541262314090/1315777178519069/ #dothack #dothackgame #crimsonvs #game #tradingcards
  23. Day 15: Many franchise within the domain of .hack came about throughout the years. Decipher had published a card game called .hack//ENEMY back in 2003 and went for a few years for boosters and expansions. Many saw this game at conventions, store shelves, and local table top game shop battling friends and rivals. We purchased the domain http://dothackenemy.com a few years back, which can be seen on every game box. After Decipher let the domain go, we redirected it to our site's gallery, but as of late felt it needed more justice. Thus as of today we've created a Facebook page Dothack ENEMY in honor of the trading card game. Help us rebuild the fun and excitement of this beloved trading card game! #dothack #dothackenemy #dothacksign #dothackinfection #dothackliminality #dothackers #game #tradingcardgame #tcg #collecting #Decipher #CyberConnect2 #BandaiNamco
  24. Day 13: AzureZhen of The World R:Craft continues to develop R2 Mac Anu in Minecraft. Interesting to see .hack get a Minecraft treatment. #dothack #dothackgames #TheWorld #Minecraft #games #videogames
  25. Day 6: NCDyson has requested to those on Reddit if anyone still has their Guilty Dragon: A Dothack Concept game installed on their device. The goal is to examine the cache data that may still be on the game's file. If you are able to lend a hand, please let him know on Reddit. #dothack #dothackgame #GuiltyDragon #mobile #android #iOS #iPhone #Reddit #cache #data
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