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Heya hiya! I'm Pekoe/Pecho from the Discord server. I'm a 28 year old grill from Michigan who works as a Starbucks barista and loves anime & video games, k-pop, boba/bubble tea and bunnies!

I'm currently going through a massive .hack nostalgia phase... I've been a huge fan since SIGN and IMOQ came out in the US all those years ago 🥺

I used to be a part of a few .hack communities online but they've been dissolved for years... I hope this one will stick around because I really really miss talking about this series! I even made a Free Company on FFXIV's Balmung server called 'Twilight Knights' in the hopes of finding other fans, but... the fandom has seen better days 😔😔

I also do art on the side! Visit my gallery if you're interested in checking out my art! 🥰


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Welcome to the community Pekoe! Hope you enjoy what we have to offer. Not much activity here on this site as much as it's a place for storing files for people to pickup i.e. the fragment server files and the ringtones. However we are available on every social media and messaging service out there for peoples personal choice to join us on.

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