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.hack//IMOQ playthru

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Lately I've been getting myself ramped up to play thru the entire IMOQ. I stopped because of difficulties with what I had to record the footage with. If I can't do it right I won't do it at all. I resumed because of my new PC and Nvidia's streaming ability. I don't have to worry about how large the file is because it gets uploaded directly to youtube due to the stream. I finished INFECTION some yrs ago and that's already there. Each volume will mostly be split into many 25-35 minute vids divided into playlists. As of Volume 2 I started recording in 1080p. If you are a huge fan of the original Quadrilogy and would like to watch the whole thing then allow me to be your guide! I do plan on doing the extra quests. I'll leave links to the playlists I've completed or are working on. So far Infection is done but Mutation is ongoing and I'm continuing now.
I do not talk during my playthrus. It is entirely silent save for the game itself. I don't like disrupting the flow of the game ;)





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