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Have you seen people on YouTube and Twitch playing .hack//fragment for the PlayStation 2 and wondered how you can play the game for yourself? What if I told you that you could play the game online with friends? And that you could do so today, September in the year 2020. It's all true!


This old PS2 game released back on November 22nd 2005. The game itself offered 2 modes, an offline mode and an online mode. The offline mode had a short story that let you and your customer character meet up with the characters from the .hack//Infection, Mutation, Outbreak, and Quarantine games including some of the character's from .hack//SIGN. The most notable piece of the offline mode was to acquire the Data Drain ability for your custom character. This character could be any reskin, coloring, height, weight, altered form of Kite, Blackrose, Balmung, Piros, Sanjuro, Marlo, Nuke, Subaru, Elk, Tsukasa, Sora, Terajima, and so much more!


In the online mode, it connected to a central Lobby Server. This was the main hub that connected you to all the online players waiting in the lobby to join an individual private server called Area Server.


The lobby server was hosted by CyberConnect2 at their static IP address j5q.channel.or.jp and operated between November 23rd 2005, a day after the game's initial release, and lasted longer than anticipated due to popularity in Japan and ceased operations on January 18th 2007. Without the main lobby server hub, the game was no longer playable online regardless if people continued operating their area servers.


The area server, were self hosted private servers run through a windows executable file hosted by Cyber Connect 2 on their website during that time. You'd launch this file, it would take you to a mock desktop. There were 4 icons on the left of the desktop in Japanese that read Area Server, Map Editor, Display, and Exit. By choosing Area Server in the program, a smaller window called Local Server popped up with nothing on it, because you'd need to either Publish an existing area server your named and abbreviated or create a new one then published. After you've port forward your router/firewall for port 20000, you were set to receive players on your area server.


So what does the lobby server offer that is different from the area server? The lobby server remember is the main hub that all players must access first before being put into the actual game i.e. the root towns, the fields, and the dungeons. The lobby server manages the online mode's leaderboards, mailer, BBS, and guild functions. And the area server is where you the players could create custom dungeons and custom fields for your friends to login and enjoy by creating custom words that would be selected at the warp gate.

Fan Community

But without the lobby server, people all over the world could only access the offline mode only. And since the PS2 was region locked, chances are anyone with an American, Canadian, European, South American, Australian, Indonesian, or wherever PS2; you could not out of the box play the game. You would either need a Japanese PS2, soft mod or hard mod your own region's PS2, or use a PS2 emulator such as PCSX2. This not sit well with the community, and work to reverse engineer the lobby server began with the Coldbird team; a group consisting of Coldbird, NCDyson, Mugi, Belldandu and a few others. Each had a hand in the project including emulating the old lobby server, translating parts of the game, replacing the UI, patching the game to point to their new static IP fragment.coldbird.net and working on building a website that would display area servers that connected to the lobby server as well as players online. This ran for a time from December 24th 2013 to August 12th 2016, due to complications between the developers and the player base at the time.


Thankfully the lobby server emulator was open source and a community known as .hack//fragment Netslum Server led by Alkalime and Bison stepped in to continue the basics of the emulated lobby server on a new static IP at a.dothackers.org. And soon later a community known as Fragment Resurgence led by Slyestral brought the player base back to the game. On August 13th 2016, the lobby server emulator was back online and continues to operate to this date!


Even though the area server still has 100% accessibility as the original ones did, the lobby server lost a majority of it's added features. Although not required for a complete gameplay, what you lost were access to the leaderboards, guilds, email, and BBS. These components to the online game were never completely reverse engineered. Though now that we are in 2020, most of these were replaced with outside resources such as Discord chat, social media platforms, and the webpage hosted by the current lobby server host.


Even though this game originally operated with the intent of selling only in Japan and keeping it's online service up for 1 year after release. The fan community has done amazing work throughout the last 13 years making this game accessible to the general public who still have an interest in this cult classic. A game that enabled those who played the original quadrilogy of Infection, Mutation, Outbreak, and Quarantine to play with their own custom characters, hours spent grinding levels, and obtaining rare items and even building custom fields and dungeons for their friends to play to this day. Hours have spent doing the unthinkable so that everyone world wide can gather and play .hack//fragment


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November 22, 2005.jpg

Now that you have brief history of what led from the game's debut in 2005 to today 15 years later, let's discuss how you can play this game right now at home.


  1. First off, you'll need the base game, obviously. There are several methods you can go about this, the simplist would be to purchase the game from a reseller, local game store, or on an auction site. eBay for example normally has this game listed currently between $15 USD to $25 USD, not including shipping.
    a. This is the norm and has been for the past few years, the price hasn't really fluctuated much. You might try your hand at Buyee.jp, Yahoo Japan Auctions, Mercari, and Rakuten.
    b. Might try local game stores that sell import titles.
    c. If you choose to go the way of piracy, note that we do not support or condone the use of pirated content. However one does exist out there often referred to as "Build 8". This was created by Team Coldbird as a pre-patched copy of the game that introduced various translations and user interface changes to resemble more .hack//G.U. This will still require needed to point to the current static IP for the lobby server.
  2. Second you will need the original PS2 network adapter disc. The original fat PS2 had a hard drive bay but no network connection port. They released an addon that let you connect a hard drive and ethernet cord to your fat PS2. This later on the slim PS2 models removed the HDD bay and had the ethernet port built in standard. However you need the network disc to format your PS2 memory card proper to connect online. Thankfully archive.org has preserved this DVD disc image, file size at 1.3 GB.
  3. Third, you will need to decide if you want to play on your PC or your PS2. There are a few benefits for each and difficulties on whichever you choose. If you go the PC route, you will need the PS2 emulator PCSX2 to handle everything here on out. There is support for Linux for PCSX2, however the network plugin is currently not compatible, thus limiting you to just offline mode. But for you window's user, see step 4 for the next item necessary to get online.
    If you wish to use your physical console, you will need to either soft mod with OPL or FreeMCBoot, or hard mod your PS2. FMCB is the easiest and cheapest method, you just put it into your PS2 memory card port. Whatever method you choose, as long as you can bypass region lock on your non Japanese PS2, and run ELF files which will be necessary in step 5, you can play online. Also PCSX2 requires a valid PS2 bios to work, because of legal issues, you can get one from your real PS2.
  4. Forth in our process is if you chose the PC emulator PCSX2 route, you'll need the plugin to make the emulator go online. For Windows users, you'll want CLR_DEV9 from Github, they do have a Linux option in .so format however reports from users say it does not appear on your plugins list on PCSX2. Version 0.8.8 released on July 23rd 2020 works fine.
  5. Option A: Fifth tool necessary is to point the game to the newest static IP hosted by the .hack//fragment Netslum Server team. There is a ELF patcher created by 1UP on Github.
    Option B: Download Alice's English+Online ELF patch combo, will require more steps outlined in the readme file.

Optional Tools

If you are using the PCSX2 emulator route, you have additional tools at your disposal. Right off the bat, later/recent versions of PCSX2 fully support modern controllers such as PS3, PS4, Xbox360, and XboxOne controllers. Earlier/older versions of PCSX2 do not.

While playing with a controller is preferred, you can also use your keyboard to type, but PCSX2 will require a plugin.


These are the necessary tools to get the game running on your prefer device and to get the game online. Next we'll discuss how to start from A to Z now that you are prepared.

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Below we are going to discuss how to get your PS2 memory card formatted for online play, get the emulator installed and ready, mounting the game's disc image to the emulator, and running the ELF file to start the game properly.

PCSX2 Setup Guide

  1. From the PCSX2 downloads page, choose either Windows installer, Windows binary, or Linux binary. The installer uses a traditional Windows installation step-by-step screen, whereas the binaries are a zip file you just extract to your choice. So extract or install your PCSX2 to your PC where you choose. Load the PCSX2 executable file and you'll have two windows. The smaller blue screen choose Config then BIOS/Plugin Selector. This will display your directory where your bios and plugin's will be read from, write it down. Possible locations will be:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\PCSX2 ___\Plugins

    Or better yet, just go to Config from the top menu on the blue screen, and choose Plugins\BIOS Selector. And at the bottom you will see which and where your directory is looking at.

  2. Copy your BIOS files from step 3 in preparations to the bios directory and the plugins in step 4 in preparations to the plugins directory mention in the last step.
  3. From the top bar, choose CDVD then ISO selector and browse, look for the .iso file for that PS2 Network Adapter in step 2 of preparations. Then choose System then Boot CDVD (full).
  4. Select ISP Setup from the menu, select format, follow the instructions of the disc i.e. enter age, first name, last name, DOB, and email; does not matter what you type here, use fake info if you like. But make sure the email has an @ and a dot com, even if it is this@that.com, literally. Same goes for the next set of questions, enter whatever or gibberish.
    a. Please name your ISP setting. This name should reprsent where or how you will be using this connection. Whatever
    b. Do you currently subscribe to an ISP service? If so, select YES and press the X button. If you do not, select NO and press the X button. Yes
    c. Choose a connection type: High Speed Connection (Cable or DSL)
    d. Choose settings: Automatic Settings
    e. Does your ISP require a User ID and Password? NO
    f. Does your Internet Service Provide require you to input a DHCP Host Name before giving you internet access? NO
    g. You are online, but your registration data could not be sent to SCEA Consumer Services. Please do not remove the memory card (PS2) whilte your ISP setting is being saved.
    Press the X button to save.
    Congratulations! The ISP setting has been saved to your network configuration file. Your Playstation@2 is now network ready.
    Press the X button to return to the main menu.

    At this point, you can close the window and you are done with the PS2 network adapter disc indefinitely.
  5. From the PCSX2 menu bar, choose CDVD then ISO selector, browse and look for your .hack//fragment ISO file or CDVD and choose the disc in the last menu drop down item if your DVD plugins are configured properly.
  6. Now normally you would go to System and Boot CDVD (full), however going forward you will always choose the next option System then Run Elf... And choose the following file name fragmentPatcher1.0.6-packed.elf You will need to do this EVERY TIME! you play the game. If you want to go online that is.
  7. Once your game loads you will see 3 menus Offline, Online, and Area Server.


You will only need to setup your BIOS, plugins, and format your memory card once. You will never have to complete steps 1 through 4 ever again.

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Below we are going to discuss how to get the game running on an authentic PS2 console, get your PS2 memory card formatted for online play in-game, and running the ELF file to start the game properly.

Playstation 2 Setup Guide

  1. Decide which method you will softmod or hardmod your Playstation 2, even if you are running on an original Japanese PS2. The Japanese PS2 will load the game fine, but the game won't point to the new static IP. Therefore you will still need to mod your PS2.
  2. a. OPL stands for Open Playstation2 Loader, you can acquire it here:
    b. FMCB stands for Free Mc Boot which is a pre-formated PS2 memory card that ranges from $10-20 USD depending on megabyte size; 8, 16, 32, or 64:
    c. FreeDVDBoot works best for PS2 Slim's, the "phat" models will require more prep. And then able to load from USB.
  3. Which ever method you picked in step 2, you'll want to ensure your method of choice comes with uLaunchELF.|
  4. Insert the .hack//fragment DVD game or boot from network if using an ISO.
  5. Choose uLaunchELF from the menu, and search for fragmentPatcher1.0.6-packed.elf You will need to do this EVERY TIME! you play the game. If you want to go online that is.
  6. Once your game loads you will see 3 menus Offline, Online, and Area Server.


While the first bits will be confusing, especially setting up on whichever multiple options and devices you have at your disposal, these were just 2 recommendations in steps 1-2. There are more out there. Choose whichever works best for you, it may take a few trial and error to find the best one.

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However you managed to get the game running and online, remember that most of the game is still in Japanese. There are basic bits that are in English that will help you through. Though English may not be your first language, or the parts in Japanese may be confusing. Most of the dialogue for the offline mode is in Japanese. The menus, items, status, skills, etc... are semi-translated in English. It's enough to get around in the game. However there may be parts where you need help, finding a community is your best bet to getting the help you need be it things you don't understand, stuck on a step above setting up the game to play, finding a group to play with. If you watched our video playlists on YouTube and Twitch, you will see the grind is REAL! Here are ways you can get involved with the community.

Fan Community

There are some prominent ways you can connect with the community when it comes to .hack//fragment, the chat app/program for games called Discord is your best bet!


  1. We have our own Dothack Discord server with over 1,800 people online at https://discord.gg/behCxEB. This Discord chat is an all-round chatroom for everything dothack, not just Fragment.
  2. If you prefer one that is strictly for .hack//fragment however, then Fragment Resurgence server is your best bet at https://discord.gg/f5JMysX. Here you can ping people to see who's online to play, setup future parties to play with, trade items with, and help with other aspects of future development of this game.


YouTube, Twitch, and Livestreaming

If you like to stream your gameplay, please be sure to enter ".hack//fragment" for the game title, this makes sure your game appears on the platforms game categories.

  1. YouTube, edit your video, choose the More Options tab, and the selection that says Game Title (optional), type in .hack//fragment and one should popup from the list. Choose that one then save.
  2. Twitch, you can edit existing videos by choosing Category from your edit page and typing in .hack//fragment and one will popup, choose that and then save changes.


Also, tags are your friend. Be sure to use the following

#ドットハック #dothack #dothackfragment #hackfragment #fragment #ps2 #playstation2 

Check the online status page

Thanks to .hack//fragment Netslums Server's hosting  abilities, they also are able to obtain real time information of what area servers are being hosted online, and see which players are in the lobby server, and how many players are on each server.


The area servers are dependent on whoever is hosting the game. Therefore you may not always see the same servers online each time or day. Check with the fan communities to ask someone to host an area server, and if you can't find one, you can host one yourself, more on that later. There's a tool here on DHN that lets you install a Windows notification whenever someone logs onto the lobby server found here.

Fan Translations

While Build 8 of Coldbird's team led a deal of translations into the game itself, it had two problems. First issue is that it was a pre-patched disc, which means whatever changes they made to the game itself, you had to keep whether you liked it or not. Which leads to the second issue, during their translations, they made efforts to change the games user-interface to look more like .hack//GU's user-interface. For the purists out there, this was visually disturbing. So rather continue using that copy of the game, efforts are being made to make a standalone patcher that strictly does a translation change to the game only, one that does not pre-patch the game and lets you decide to have the changes added or not. Work on this project can be viewed on a Google Docs here:

Fragment Friday™

Every Friday of every week, we try to build awareness by announcing Fragment Friday™, a day dedicated to playing the game all hours of the day regardless of timezone. This is to help people find groups to play with and people engaged in the game. Always look forward to Fridays as a day to play .hack//fragment or help build awareness yourself by sharing, tweeting your friends, or finding a streamer to watch on Fridays.


There are many ways of being part of the community be it inclusion and participation, the only way this game will become more active is if you make it more active and thinking outside the box to find inventive ways to get people to be aware this game even exists. There are many turn offs to playing this game, outdated graphics; grinding game play, region lock PS2's, lack of online players, difficult understanding how to setup to play, or just an unwillingness to set it up for yourself. Understandably there may be challenges, but at this time this is the only way to play a .hack// game online with other people in the world.

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under construction, reserved for setting up port-forwarding

Port Forwarding

This only applies if you are hosting an Area Server from the Area Server program on your Windows PC. Or emulated on your Mac and Linux machine, even a Raspberry Pi.

What is port forwarding? Your PC, router, and internet connection has many ports from various programs to connect internally and externally from your network. When you would like for an external or remote connection to be allowed access to a program on your machine, the program is listening for a particular port, and if access is allowed in through that port number, the connection can be made. If your PC or router denies that remote connection, the person on the other end will be denied access.

Basically, Area Server is listening on port 20000, and we want to allow people to join in through that port and have access to your program Area Server to have their character be seen in game. If you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with this process, then DON'T DO IT!

You assume all risks whenever you allow a port opened on your PC and router. Malicious users or programs can in deed take advantage of this opening for nefarious reasons such as malware, spyware, keylogging, etc... the list goes on. So be prepared, take extra precautions and ensure it is run the way you want it. So without further ado, where to begin?


First place is to get access to your router, this can be done a myriad of ways depending on what brand router you may have, the most common being.

Or simply going to https://router/ Depends on the brand really.

Next you will want to know what your LAN IP address is, not the one the internet sees, but rather the one your router assigned to your machine regardless if you are connected with an ethernet or wifi, everything get's an assigned number. Best way to learn that is simply pressing the start button on your task bar, pressing the Windows button + Q to bring up search and type in "cmd" then press enter. You'll see a black window with a flashing line. Here type in ipconfig

You'll see a lot of info, but what's really important is this line here.

IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :

The 11 at the end denotes what number that machine was assigned. It'll be important in the next step.

Enter the one of the IP's above to access the router, preferably should work. You may be prompted for a username and password, unless you know it, the default is always admin for password, no username is needed. This will take you to a webpage with your router's brand in the top corner. Somewhere on this page you may see Port Forward, if you don't, it may be in a tab or screen labeled firewall, forwarding, ports, application & gaming, or advanced.

You'll come across a screen that has a check mark, an empty spot for a description, a space labeled ports with a - dash between the two boxes, something that says type with the abbreviation TCP UDP or Both, and IP address.

You will  need to check the box to enable, enter whatever description you like such as Fragment Area Server, something to remember. And you must enter port 20000 twice in both spaces, this means you are allowing external connections to look at ports between 20000 and 20000, if you type in any other number in either space, you may be opening up a whole million of ports to look at. And the last space is the IP address where in the case above you would be entering 11, but your case will be different. Do not enter 11 unless your IPv4 Address says .11 at the end. The drop menu for type, TCP is fine for what we are doing.


Everyone will be seeing things differently during these steps, depending on your brands and setup. Remember to consider the risks before choosing to host an Area Server. And should you change your mind, you can always erase everything you filled out and uncheck the enable box. Or just uncheck the enable box. Also if you really screwed things up with your router, a last resort would be to push the tiny pin button on the back of the router, this will factory reset all the settings done. And I do mean ALL, including wifi name, wifi password, etc... But remember, by not doing this step, people can see that your Area Server is online because you are broadcasting that you are up, but nobody will ever be allowed to get on your Area Server because the bouncer at the port is saying no entry.

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under construction, reserved for tutorial getting from main menu to root town online, adding friends, trading

How to Get From Main Menu to Online In-Game

So you did the steps to get what you needed and the tools to point the game in the right direction. Depending on what version you have, you may be staring at Japanese and have no idea what you're looking at. Here we will discuss getting you from start to finish by looking at the screen's you will be encountering along the way.


First thing to remember, regardless of what controller you are using; Xbox, Playstation, Switch, etc... these are the patterns of the game's controls, remember them and the position they are in and will be on the right side of the controller. In addition O means Yes/Confirm and X means No/Cancel.


Once you load the game however you do, as long as you got the .ELF patcher (example fragmentPatcher1.0.6-packed.elf) running, you'll see this screen. Press Enter on your controller.


This is the game's main menu. You will see Offline, Online, and Area Server. The green texture in the background is from the base game, if you by chance are playing on Coldbird's Build 8 copy, this background color will be red and not green, in addition all the game's UI colors will be black instead of blue. From here you can go into Offline to play with NPC's level 50-70 and get skills like Data Drain; the Area Server is used to setup the original Area Server program which is not necessary if you use one of the newer ones, and Offline is where we will be going next. Select that with O.

03-mem1.jpg 04-mem2.jpg

Next you will see a series of screens basically telling loading memory card and do not take out your memory card or unplug your PS2. So don't do that.

05-mem3.jpg 06-info.jpg

Here you can choose whichever memory card slot you wish, port 1 or port 2. Choose the one your memory card is stored in and press O to continue, you'll very briefly see this info text at the bottom.


And here we will see the blue ALTIMIT desktop background for the Online mode, the Offline mode has an orange ALTIMIT desktop background. There will be a prompt in the middle of the screen, this is the old Netslums message of the day box, press O to continue.


By default your cursor is on Mailer, move your cursor up one to select The World! Press O to continue.

09-new_char1.jpg 10-new_char2.jpg

Before you can get into The World, you must first choose a character, or in this case, create one. Pressing O will prompt you this message choice, basically Yes or No with Yes being the option on top. You can also slide right to choose other characters you have stored on your memory card. Max 3 character per memory card. Want more characters? Insert more memory cards or format ones on PCSX2.

11-char.jpg 12-char_yes.jpg

Flip the screen to the character you want to use and press O, you will be prompted a Yes and No option again, pick the top option for Yes and press O.


And welcome to Za Waurdo! I mean The World. From here you see the options for Lobby, Guild, BBS, Ranking, and Quit. The only options that actually function at this time are Lobby and Quit. Guild and BBS are non-functional at this time. Reverse engineering can only go so far and development never made it that far. Ranking will have some info but not live current information, just a static page with 1 character during the development time. Choose Lobby and press O.


Welcome to the Lobby Server, remember that because things are about to get confusing. This page above is "Lobby Server", you'll see from the menu options "Lobby Chat". This is the only option you can choose. It will also display in real time on the right how many players are sitting in the lobby chat, the screen above shows 2 people. Press O to continue.


Now you are seeing the Lobby Chat. On the right is a list of characters who are currently viewing this page as well. This does not list people are already in-game. You can use the text space below to write message for everyone to see publicly. Check the picture below to see an example of people talking. Press △ to get to the Area Server list.


You'll see 3 options, choose the top one to move to the next screen. Press O to continue.


Choose the only option available to you, Servers. Press O to continue.


Now this is the heart of the online play. This is a list of Area Servers that are being hosted by real people around the world. This requires you to have the Windows program Area Server installed and running for them to appear. Even though your server or someone's server is listed, if it is not port-forwarded correctly for port 20000, nobody will be able to actually connect.

There is some good information from this screen we can see. First is the area server's name. For those who are publishing a server, you can name the server whatever you like. We are hosting Dothack Network. Beside the server name you can see the server's level. Dothack Network is currently a level 12 server. Azure Twilight is a level 11 server, and Vi's Place is a level 17 server. All Area Servers start at level 1. And the more people run dungeons and fields on your server, that server levels up. Allowing for more difficult fields and dungeons.

The red dot represents a busy server, this means not only is the server at max capacity, 3 players per server, but they are no longer in the root town and are in a field or dungeon. It will also be greyed out a opposed to being white. Choose a server that has enough space for you to join, with the people on the right being 0-2. Press O to continue.


You'll be given a confirmation prompt, move your cursor to the left to accept and the default on the right is decline. Move left and press O to continue.


You'll see this screen with the server's name in the middle with the servers host chosen abbreviation at the top right.


And you'll land near the Chaos Gate in Mac Anu. Move closer to the Chaos Gate and press O to continue.


This is the warp gate menu. The second option will allow you to choose 3 different keywords that you may use in combination to create a field or dungeon.


The list on the left is the available words for that Area Server, the options on the right display different features each keyword will offer. From the following options:

  • Field Type
  • Dungeon
  • Weather
  • Ground Level
  • Structures
  • Area Level
  • Monsters
  • Items
  • Magic Portals


The more the gems on each keyword overlap, the better the chances are that field will have that option available.


Press O to confirm then poof! off you go to sudden danger! And quite literally as most times you will be dropped near a magic portal or a free roaming monster.


As you slowly appear on the field, check your surroundings quickly. You may have only moments before you will see this next message across your screen.


You have entered a battle, that means one or more monsters are now after you and probably using spells or debuffs on you. You can go and fight them or move quickly out of range, avoiding other monsters on the horizon and magic portals.


Whatever you decide, once you see this blue message, the battle has ended.

After you've completed the field, or raided the dungeon and used a sprite ocarina to return back to the top field, you have two options to leave this area. You can either return to the root town or quit the game.


Press △ to bring up your character menu, this will have things such as items, equipment skills, status, etc... The last option is Gate Out. This will return you back to the Root Town with your party so that you can do things in the Root Town or pick a new field/dungeon to explore.


You will be prompted if you wish to confirm. Press O to continue.

Alternatively if you are done and don't wish to return and quit the game, press the start button.


The last option is quit the game, this will take you back to the main menu of the game that shows you the Offline, Online, Area Server options.


Move the cursor up and press the O button to continue.



These are just the basics for getting into the game online. If you done everything correctly, you'll be well on your way grinding your character to level 99 max. This process will take time so switch back between online and offline for a time. Your offline NPC's are at a high level to carry you for awhile. After about level 50 your online friends will need to support you. Check out our Discord to meet new friends to join you in your adventures and make use of our voice chat to talk while you play as opposed to typing everything out while you are in battle. And you are still stuck anywhere, ask on our Discord server for any questions you have, no matter how small or silly it may be we are here to help you! Also a translation patch is still under way so keep an eye out for that. But by far the biggest issue people have is pressing △ Triangle on the Lobby Chat to see the list of Area Servers to join. Don't get stuck there!

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Japanese to English Patch Plus New IP

Community member Alice has been working on a standalone patch that would change the in-game's Japanese text into English. This process has obviously been slow and steady, but as of now an early version is available for you to use on your copy of your game. It will require more steps on your part, but the added beneficiary is that it will include the swapping of the IP address from the original cyberconnect2 domain to the current one in use, so consider this step shaving some time. But don't forget the process is still early, so any notable errors, please report them in our Discord server so they may be updated in a next release.

Head on over to GitHub and download the pack of your choosing.

This new step will require you to patch your own disc image (the Build 8 copy online will not work) and will require ImgBurn.

.hack//frägment Definitive Translation
Patch By: Alice, 1UP, Xithyl, Coldbird, Erroneous, Harrito
Needed Items
- A clean copy of .hack//frägment (NOT Coldbird, The title screen should be green and the UI should be Blue)
- ImgBurn or another image writer (ImageBurn is Free and easy to use and will be used in this guide)
- The files included with this readme
How to Patch
1. Mount your CLEAN frägment iso into a drive (This is done by double clicking the iso)
2. Copy ALL of the contents to a seperate folder (Mine is called .hack//frägment (English Patch))
3. Copy the Contents of the [Fragment English Files] Folder into the folder you made in the previous step
4. Overwrite EVERYTHING
5. Open ImgBurn or another Image File writer
6. Click [Create image file from files/folders]
7. In the Source panel, click the folder with a magnifying glass and select the folder you made in Step 2
8. Click Yes
9. Repeat Step 7 for the Destination pane but this time, set the folder as something else (Maybe the folder your clean ISO is in)
10. Click the big button under the Destination Pain (It should be a folder with an arrow pointing to a file)
11. Hit Yes Twice then Ok. If it gives you a fourth window, Make Sure you aren't overwriting something important, and click Yes to All
12. Click OK
13. Profit


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