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What Is Your Rarest .hack// Collectable?

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Taking this thread idea from another forum,some of you may recognize which :P

I'm sure many of you have picked up something rare at one point or another, which do you consider to be the rarest?  Heck even owning the games counts considering their cost..unless the got a digital/physical re-release down the line xD

Not entirely sure what would be my rarest since many are discontinued/limited edition so I'll post a few ^_^

.hack//Quantum FES w/ contents inside (cinema release only)

.hack//G.U. Special Edition and .hack//Sign vol 7 Limited Edition (w figure/mouse mats)

Sakuya Keychain

.hack//Archives 03 Limited Edition

.hack//Archives 02 WHITE Limited Edition

Rei Idumi set and Megane Kikuya doujin

Promo G.U Keychain I've not seen anywhere else

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