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The World R1 ((OPEN//ACCEPTING))

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Welcome To The World

The beta testing phase of the brand-new MMORPG "The World" concluded last month, and the official launch is upon us.

"The World" will be the first major networked multiplayer game since the global catastrophe known as "Pluto's Kiss," and while we have spent the years since refining our security measures, we of course always insist that players maintain safe and healthy online practices while enjoying "The World."

We thank all of those who took part in the beta, and look forward to seeing every one of you inside "The World."


GENERAL: Be respectful of the other RP participants, obey forum TOS. No God-Modding, I am willing to work with you to have your character fit, but she can't own the whole Net Slum.
ACTIVITY: Participants are not required to post every day, but every post is expected to have substance, at least a paragraph per post and preferably a post per week minimum.
CHARACTER APPLICATIONS: Please open up a new thread entitled "TWR1(Character Name) Profile" and include the following information
Both your forum and discord(#XXXX) usernames:
IRL Name:
Appearance:(Please include a reference image that can appear in all of your posts as well as some textual description.)
Background:(How did they find out about The World?)
Equipment:(From IMOQ, here's a useful link http://lindzchan.pafu.org/dothack/infection/armor.php please only include item name and associated skill.)
CHARACTER RULES AND SPECIAL ROLES: This RP is taking place right at the beginning of the launch of The World, so most characters are expected to be low-level, please keep this in mind when creating your profile. There will be a limited number of "special roles" available for those who desire them, the slots are below, if you have any questions about these roles, please message me here or on discord.





7/22/19: Please contact me on discord if you are interested, still want to get this going eventually.


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~Zora Chick01 has logged in~

Welcome to The World: R1!

::As the log in sound dissipated, a pale, blue-haired figure materialized; standing on top of what looked like some cobblestone steps. She slowly opened her eyes, taking everything in moment by moment, wanting to absorb everything happening around her to keep it locked in as if trying to vitalize old memories that had been cast away in dust and shadow. Once getting her fill, she casually surveyed her surroundings, seeing other miscellaneous players and NPC's in what looked like light conversation scattered throughout the root town. She blinked again, and tilted her head as her mind casually picked at flashbacks of areas from her past. A small smile crept in from the corners of her mouth as nostalgia swept over her::

How long has it been since I was last here?

::She first checked her inbox for any messages she may have missed during her very extended leave; highly doubtful to find anything new, but for the sake of boredom and entertainment she looked anyways. After confirming an empty inbox, she checked her inventory. 'Everything seems to be where I last left it' she said to herself aloud. She started to slowly stroll around town, making her way towards the shops, to further confirm if anything else had changed since her last log in. Same result as before, however she appreciated the walk regardless, to her it was another means to rekindle more memories from a long time ago::

"I didn't realize how much I would miss all of this. This takes me waaaay back. it also makes me feel a little old, but I suppose it comes with the territory of nostalgia"

::Continuing her stroll, she walked past some canals, a few gondolas, and one of the more in her eyes famous landmarks: the bridge. She quickened her pace, trying to walk through the crowd of people toward the bridge, and quiet  excite laugh escaped her lip as more memories of close friends washed through her eyes. She had a glimmer of hope that somehow some of the people she knew would still be at their old favorite hang out.  Her pace quickly stopped to a halt as she got to the bridge. She fell silent as she looked around. The players she saw were not ones she recognized. She lowered her head slightly as she shuffled up the bridge, leaned her elbows onto the railing, and let her head sink a bit further::

"Perhaps I was gone too long? I wouldn't really expect anyone I used to know to wait for an eternity for my arrival. It's my own fault for getting my hopes up for a slim chance like that- it's probably been ages since I've last seen them as well, and they probably wouldn't expect the same of me either if they were in my shoes"

::Zora tried to shrug off her brooding thoughts. Wallowing in negativity wasn't a well suited look for her, or at least its something she didn't want to have take her over, especially for her re entry into the world. She knew she had to think in a more positive light. For a split second, the water passing beneath her caught her eye- she remembered it had such a tranquil flow, and taking a second look, it still has the same merits as before. To help her get into the more positive spirit, she started to ponder the beneficial possibilities that could work in her favor for coming back. New adventures? New friends? Zora perked up a little bit as more options billowed in her mind::

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