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Items to use for your desktop PC or MAC computers.

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  1. Slidingdock

    After finding out that the .hack//GU theme file Sliderdock was dead and the programmer was MIA, I decided to go make my own. I went to rainmeter.net (btw, you'll need rainmeter) to get some assistance and I got just that. I got much more than I could have bargained for. A nice person from the community named Balala helped me by giving me code and I just tweaked it and modified it. I understand enough to put in icons, sounds, locations, add GUI and play with GIMP. Here it is!

    The more recent versions do not require you to open the .ini to add icons. As most of you probably figured out, you will have to use the settings button. The settings window usually just appears to the top left of your screen. I hope to find a way to fix that one day!
    What's New in Version 1.5.0
    Released April 1
    I will be making frequent updates until I feel it is set the way I want it to be. Check back once in a while to see if anything is new. No more new pages, I'll just continue to update this one.

    Updated Version
    Last Updated: 4/1/2017 6:03PM EDT

    Found an error that made the meter crash if somebody typed the address to a certain file or website manually rather than use the browse (B) button to set the action.

    balazslaci.deviantart.com/ - The code
    Cyberconnect2 - Icons, SE, graphics.

    Nothing actually belongs to me, I was just tired of searching for something that doesn't actually exist online anymore and was tired of staring at that broken Sliderdock program that was abandoned years ago.


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