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  • Feb 16

    Sony Playstation PSN Sale

  • Mar 12

    .hack//20th Anniversary Live Online

    ".hack" 20th anniversary online live will be streamed live for free on Bandai Namco official channel from 20:00 on March 12th LieN, who has worked on the music for the series, will appear. We will perform successive songs, including "Yasashii Futome" (.hack // GU) and "Time Stairs" (.hack // Link). https://www.famitsu.com/news/202303/03294830.html  

  • Mar 17
    Happening Now

    .hack//20th Anniversary Exhibition

    A satellite shop for the “.hack//20th Anniversary Exhibition” will open in Hakata, Fukuoka. In addition to original goods only for this commemorative exhibition, there is also a mini exhibition space. The period is from March 17 (Friday) to March 26 (Sunday).

    • 9-1 Hakataekichuogai, Fukuoka, Kyushu, 812-0012, Japan
  • Mar 26
    Happening Today

    .hack//Infection (Europe) Released

    The English, French, German, Italian, Spanish version of .hack//Infection was released in Europe on March 26th 2004 for the Playstation 2.

  • Mar 02

    .hack//Vol.1×Vol.2 PlayStation 2 the Best Released

    The Japanese version of .hack//Vol.1×Vol.2 PlayStation 2the Best was released in Japan on March 2nd 2006 for the Playstation 2.

  • Mar 09

    Mistral Birthday

    Mistral was born on March 9th, 1982. Source: .hack//Archives_03

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