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  • Dec 12

    Ovan Birthday

    Ovan Real Name: Indo Masato Birthday: December 12, 1992

  • Dec 12

    .hack//Outbreak releases in Japan

    .hack//Outbreak releases in Japan on December 12, 2002.

  • Dec 24

    Pi Birthday

    Pi was born on December 24th 1993 Source: .hack//Archives_02 -Black-

  • Dec 24

    Pluto's Kiss

    The Pluto's Kiss event took place on December 24th 2005,shutting down all networks world wide.

  • Dec 24

    Virgin's Kiss

    All network restrictions are revoked during the international holiday Virgin's Kiss. The internet is now opened to all public.

  • Dec 24

    Pluto Again Ends

    Kite and his .hackers party finally defeat Corbenik by Aura sacrificing herself in death and rebirth, the network returns to stability and the coma victims saved.

  • Dec 24

    The World R2 and ALTIMIT MINE OS Launched

    ALTIMIT MINE OS and The World R:2 are released to the public.

  • Dec 31

    Elk Birthday

    Elk was born on December 31st 1998 Source: .hack//Archives_03

  • Dec 31

    Endrance Birthday

    Endrance was born on December 31st 1998 Source: .hack//Archives_03

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