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  • Mar 29

    .hack//G.U. Last Recode for Nintendo Switch is 80% Off

    .hack//G.U. Last Recode for Nintendo Switch is currently on sale for $9.99 which is 80% off till April 8th 2024. https://www.nintendo.com/us/store/products/hack-g-u-last-recode-switch/

  • Apr 29

    Gardenia Birthday

    Gardenia was born on April 29th 1992 Source: .hack//Archives_03

  • May 02

    Natsume Birthday

    Natsume was born on May 2nd 1995 Source: .hack//Archives_03

  • Apr 05

    Atoli Birthday

    Atoli was born on April 5th 2001, real name Chigusa Kusaka. Source: .hack//Archives_02 -Black- page 297

  • Apr 07

    Marlo Birthday

    Marlo was born on July 7th 1994 Source: .hack//Archives_03

  • Apr 16

    Dasha Birthday

    Dasha, real name Chieko Tokura, was born on April 16, 2010. Source .hack//Archives_05 page 315

  • Apr 21

    Blackrose Birthday

    Blackrose (ブラックローズ) was born on April 21st 1994 real name Akira Hayami (速水晶良). Source from .hack//Archives_03 page 266.

  • Apr 21

    Gaspard Birthday

    Gaspard (ガスパー) was born on April 21st 2004 real name Kouta Maki (牧康太) Source from .hack//Archives_06 page 175.

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