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    Gruntys.pngHello fellow dothacker! This is our .hack social media site where we engage in all kinds of .hack discussions, projects, club activities and more! Whatever you got going on within the franchise, share with all of us here and perhaps you will find something of interest yourself. To see all current events, click on the timeline at the top to see things in real time.

    What is .hack you might be asking? it's an anime, video game, light novel, web novel, manga, multimedia franchise that began in 2002 in Japan and later across the world. Mainly focusing in on the mystery of incidents that happen in the fictional online fantasy VRMMORPG game "The World" and the people who have fallen into coma's playing the game.



  1. Dothack

  2. Fandom


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    Fan art and fan fiction created by dothackers


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    Costume play as your favorite dothacker


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    Make your own dothack merch and props


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    Making whole custom games or modifying existing ones for .hack


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    Fan localization of .hack media from Japanese to English or other languages

    For all your VTuber, ENVtuber, and VRChat needs

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  3. Collector

    Auction listings from eBay, Mercari, and Yahoo Auctions Japan

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    Show off your collection

    Post your very own listings, make trades with other dothack collectors, and post your wishlist

  4. Interactive

    Go on a text adventure with your friends in The World

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    Drop a link when you stream something .hack related

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    • Win a Retail PS2 Disc of .hack//Quarantine
      The Playstation 2 videogame .hack//Quarantine is quite easily one of the top 10 most expensive PS2 video games, making it quite difficult for collectors and gamers to obtain a copy for their own personal use. So why not the chance to win a copy for free? There will be only 1 copy, disc only, previously owned by a movie rental store for a USA/Canada NTSC-U/C release of .hack//Quarantine.
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      Setting Up an Area Server

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      Playing .hack//fragment on a Xbox One & Series S|X

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