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In my pursuit to catalogue all of the .hack merch, I am in still need of finding some items. I prefer to locate official merch, I got nothing against fan made merch but they are not at the top of my list. Also I prefer items closer to 2002 and items prior to 2010, as the older they get the harder they become to locate.

  1. Animania magazine issue 5/2004
  2. .hack//Legend of the Twilight 5 clear CD cases
  3. Atari PAL .hack//Mutation, Outbreak, Quarantine PS2 games
  4. Atari PAL Press Promo .hack//Infection, Mutation, Outbreak, Quarantine PS2 games
  5. Attraction Fiesta 12 buttons, 12 keychains, 12 clear acrylic stands, 10 clear keychains
  6. Bandai .hack//Quarantine Japanese registration card
  7. Bandai .hack//Mutation, Quarantine Korean PS2 games
  8. Bandai .hack//Infection Korean strategy guide
  9. Bandai .hack//Infection US trade demo, .hack//Mutation US trade demo
  10. Bandai .hack//Infection 8 person bust diorama
  11. Bandai .hack//Mutation clearfile, .hack//Outbreak clearfile
  12. Bandai Kite POS standee
  13. Bandai Blackrose poster (white/black), Infection poster, Mutation poster, Outbreak poster,
  14. Amazon 5 .hack//GU Last Recode postcards
  15. AmiAmi Haseo/Kite keychains
  16. Animate 2 .hack//GU Last recode posters
  17. Imagin Webshop .hack//GU Last Recode Blackrose poster
  18. Gamers Onlineshop .hack//GU Last Recode mini tapestry
  19. E3 .hack//GU Haseo/Azure Kite keychain
  20. E3 I've Been Hacked sticker
  21. .hack//GU Last Recode Welcome Price Japanese PS4 game
  22. .hack//GU Rebirth Welcome Price Japanese PS2 game
  23. .hack//GU Rebirth Limited Edition US box (just the box)
  24. .hack//黄昏の腕輪伝説 DVD box
  25. .hack//Roots 9 Japanese DVD's
  26. Banpresto 15 .hack//GU Last Recode cards
  27. Beat Magazine issue aug 2006
  28. Beez .hack//SIGN anime DVD's
  29. Bella Canvas .hack//GU Last Reocde shirt (black/white)
  30. Biblioteka Algoritam .hack//Legend of the Twilight manga
  31. Bonnier Carlsen .hack//Legend of the Twilight manga
  32. Cardass Masters .hack//GU The Card Battle
  33. Cardass Master .hack//TC&TCG and .hack//SIGN cards
  34. Carlsen Comics .hack//Legend of the Twilight manga
  35. .hack//PUCHI 4 sets, 8 packs within each set, 3 per card (96 total)
  36. 10th Anniversary 16 postcards cards
  37. Haseo/Azure Kite rubber keychains
  38. 2012 Project.hack shirts .hack//Memories and Alert
  39. .hack//ARMS Sword of Kite
  40. 2020-21 Anniversary Campaign 4 button preorder bonus
  41. CC2 Daily Planners...all of them...2014, 2015, 2017, 2019, etc..
  42. .hack//Koyomi
  43. .hack//GU Last Recode tote bag from .hack//Fanbook
  44. .hack//Guilty Dragon Visual Works 4
  45. .hack SERIES 15th Anniversary phone case
  46. 15th anniversary pin
  47. Haseo Omega Bst Form Lithograph
  48. Figurarts ZERO Haseo 3rd form figurine (black/white)
  49. Seasonal Plants .hack//GU Last Recode ChimChim Pass Case
  50. Seasonal Plants .hack//GU Last Recode ChimChim clock
  51. Kotobukiya ChimChim post card
  52. Chuang Yi .hack//Legend of the Twilight manga
  53. Comiket 86 .hack//Summer 2014 book, sticky notes
  54. .hack//CANVAS Kite, Haseo, Blackrose, Alkaid
  55. .hack//GU Last Recode Haseo diorama
  56. Comiket 95 .hack//Winter 2018 4 keychains, Haseo diorama
  57. .hack//Fanbook Vol 5
  58. .hack//GU Last Recode dub script replica
  59. .hack Series Parka
  60. .hack//live shirt 2018 4.6
  61. LieN button cap 4.6
  62. Comptiq magazine issues April 2002, Sept 2002, July 2002, March 2003, May 2003
  63. Delta Apparel .hack//Legend of the Twilight 2004 shirt
  64. Editora JBC .hack//Legend of the Twilight manga
  65. Editorial Ivrea .hack//Legend of the Twilight manga
  66. .hack//Quantum Sakura rubber keychain
  67. Funimation .hack//Legend of the Twilight, .hack//GU Trilogy DVD boxsets
  68. Gendai Goods Makoto cleaner/keychain, phone case, notepad, postcards
  69. GraffArt 2 keychain/charms, battery bank, 7 clear keychains, 7 button caps, clearfile
  70. Hori PS2 memory cards vol 1,2,3
  71. J.P.F. Manga Komiks Serial .hack//Legend of the Twilight manga
  72. J-Pop .hack//Legend of the Twilight manga
  73. Kadokawa manga .hack//GU, .hack//LINK, XXXX, Alcor, 4koma,
  74. Kotobukiya kite bookmark
  75. M&C Comics .hack//Legend of the Twilight manga
  76. Madman Entertainment .hack//Legend of the Twilight manga
  77. Madman .hack//Legend of the Twilight anime DVDs
  78. Norma Editorial .hack//Legend of the Twilight manga
  79. Official Playstation Magazine issue 111 (without disc)
  80. Panini Comics .hack//Legend of the Twilight manga
  81. Rice Digital .hack//GU Last Recode 6 badges
  82. Sangatsu Manga .hack//legend of the twilight manga
  83. Seasonal Plants 3 mousepads, 4 @home stickers, B tote, 2 clearfiles, 12 buttons, 12 clear keychains, xth form haseo mini tapestry, haseo/ovan clock
  84. Side-BN magazine 10
  85. Sundog International Blackrose 2002 shirt
  86. Super Groupies watch, wallet, business card holder
  87. TV Tokyo .hack//SIGN 4/3 poster
  88. Victor Entertainment Azur, Blanc, Noir, Piano Arrange vol 1 and 2, Song of the World, Sound & Song Tracks case, Yuki Kajiura LIVE DVD, dream field pin
  89. Victory Spark .hack//LINK booster, and boxset
  90. Vscape .hack//Roots DVD boxset
  91. Yetee shirts Kite data drain, Haseo 3rd form, Kite Aura statue
  92. .hack//Quantum shirt


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