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Dothack Network is a social media site for all things related to the Japanese anime and videogame franchise ".hack//" which was released between 2002 to 2022. Our social media platform here is for that specific discussions and your involvement wrapped around that. So discussions relating but not limited to hate speech, real world politics, cryptocurrencies, religious beliefs, inequality, discrimination, etc... is not welcomed here from any individuals including the administration of this social media platform. Any abuse towards any person or persons is not tolerate and will result in the offending parties access to this site.

Please treat and speak towards others how you wish to be treated back. Report any incidents that go against our views towards a member of the administration for further evaluation. Harassing or attacking back towards others, may result in an equal termination for both the offending and targeted parties. Also be aware of the "block" feature that allows you to hide content from select members and not being able to receive any DM (direct message) from the individuals you have chosen to block (excluding administration as this group can not be blocked).

Here's a run down of our do's and dont's .

  1. No harassing other users or staff on this site
  2. No trolling users or staff by any means
  3. No advertising with the sole intent to solicit clicks or visitors
  4. No linking or requesting links to any intellectual property
  5. No impersonating any staff member on this site
  6. No asking users for their emails or passwords on the site
  7. No sale or exchanges of cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens

If you neglect or continue to neglect these rules outlined below; you will be subject to being banned from the site and up to having your account terminated without warning, depending on the severity. We thank you for agreeing to our terms and please note that these terms can and may change over time; you are still to be held responsible to up keep to future changes.

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