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We thank you for joining us at the Dothack Network. While you may be a guest and we are you host at our community, you must abide by our terms and conditions outlined here; otherwise your ease of access to this site may be taken away from you. We operate to all under a fair and welcoming arms without any prejudice or discrimination based on your personal views, age, gender, ethnicity, disabilities, sexual orientation, or income. However, if you neglect or continue to neglect these rules outlined below; you will be subject to being banned from the site and up to having your account terminated without warning.

  1. No harassing other users or staff on this site
  2. No trolling users or staff by any means
  3. No advertising to solicit clicks or visitors
  4. No linking or requesting links to any intellectual property
  5. No impersonating any staff member on this site
  6. No asking users for their emails or passwords on the site

We thank you for agreeing to our terms and please note that these terms can and may change over time; you are still to be held responsible to up keep to future changes.

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