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Knucklemaster and Werewolf the 7th & 8th Character Class

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In The World (.hack//SIGN & .hack//IMOQ) there were originally 6 character classes Twinblade, Heavyblade, Blademaster, Longarm, Heavyaxeman, and Wavemaster from 2010 and prior. It wasn't till four years later in 2014 during .hack//Legend of the Twilight two new classes were introduced. Starting with Knucklemaster on the far right.
(Source .hack//Archives 3 page 223)


Translation for Knucklemaster as follows
(Source .hack//Archives 3 page 223)


Unlike the other 6 classes, the 7th class has a class change option, translation as follows:

"A rare class that appeared as an advanced class of the Knucklemaster due to the class change system implemented in 2014. It has various features not found in the normal classes. Such as the need for a job change item for the firs time to transform into a non-human race and change class."
(Source .hack//Archives 3 page 223)


But this wasn't the first time we've heard of Knucklemaster, in the 2003-2004 Comptiq magazines .hack//The World Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 we are introduced to Knucklemasters as a playable class in the TTRPG or tabletop roleplaying game .hack//Infinite Generation.


(source page 97 .hack//The World Vol. 2 magazine)



In the 2012 doujinshi by Rei Izumi in celebration of the 10th anniversary of .hack//Legend of the Twilight manga, from pages 27-48 we see a story of Ouka, Crim, and Luke. In this story they are all helping Knucklemaster Ouka get the item needed to change class.

This is what Ouka looks like as a Knucklemaster, her first class before upgrading to the Werewolf class.


These two rings overlapping each other tied with a ribbon and a tail dangling, is the item needed to transform.


After which obtaining it, Ouka uses it to transform from Knucklemaster class to the Werewolf class


The hands change, removing the spiked bracelets and palm gloves for a fur sleeve with brass spiked knuckles.

Body starts to change, real emphasis on the boa.


End of the transformation


This being the Ouka we all know and love (if you are a manga design lover since the anime design is different).

.hack//Archives Vol. 3 on BookWalker https://bookwalker.jp/de51b97bf4-fd6e-4b2a-8ece-0e3beb15fe8e/

More on Ouka's origin's transcribed here https://www.pixiv.net/novel/show.php?id=7850995

Original written work here https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/61564877

Short video on the 10th Anniversary book by Rei Izumi


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