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    15 June 2020 11:00 PM      03:00 AM

    This event repeats every week on Monday forever

    On Monday's we gather on a free-to-play modded Minecraft server hosted by AzureZhen. This server does NOT require a paid Minecraft. All you need to do is setup a forum account on cyberconnects2.com to use as a login. Then download the game's launcher
    Install the launcher, load the program after installation, use your forum username as your login, the game will download the patch files and you will be able to play. We gather every Monday at 4pm PST; 7pm EST. Get real time support in #minecraft-theworld

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    • 09 August 2020
      Every August 9th is .hack day! As CC2 pointed out in 2008, the Japanese characters for 8 and 9 can be read as "ha" and "ku", thus .hack day was born.

      Source @miyoshi_cc2