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    09 August 2020

    This event repeats every year forever

    Every August 9th is .hack day! As CC2 pointed out in 2008, the Japanese characters for 8 and 9 can be read as "ha" and "ku", thus .hack day was born.

    Source @miyoshi_cc2

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    27 September 2019 11:00 PM      03:00 AM

    This event repeats every week on Friday forever

    On Friday's we celebrate the revival of the .hack//fragment servers by the community by logging in, joining a server, and grind for experience with your fellow dothackers on Dothack Network. To do so, you will require PCSX2 v1.5.x or better, a PS2 emulator for the PC, and a patched ISO of the Japanese PAL disc for .hack//fragment for the Sony PlayStation 2. Here's a setup guide you watch on YouTube
    We meet on Friday's from 4pm PST, 7pm EST. For help and support, be sure to ask in our #fragment-ps2 channel if you require assistance, or wish to host your own fragment server.

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