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The latest in the news and updates brought to you by the site staff.

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It's been quite a while if you haven't been to our domain dothack.org for some time, unless you've joined within this year and been keeping up with all the new North American and European resurgence of .hack// media being officially dubbed set to be released on November 1st in Japan, November 2nd on Steam, and November 3rd on PS4/PSN for NA/EU regions. Oh and did i mention THIS YEAR! in 2017? Literally one month from now.

Early this summer CyberConnect2 the developers behind the .hack// media announced releasing an HD remaster for the former PS2 series .hack//G.U. In this remaster, we'll be getting all 3 volumes of the series on one disc. Plus an additional never before seen 4th volume to the series with new story and content, roughly 3-4 hours worth taking place a year after volume 3. Addition to the 3 volumes being remastered in HD at 1080p, the game will also be running 60 frames per second. Fixes and changes have been made to the game play to make it faster, easier, and max capacities increased throughout the game. The NA and EU physical game for PS4 and digital copies for PSN and Steam will have dual-audio in English and Japanese; and subtitles in English, French, German, and Japanese. There are many to list, so be sure to check our site for more details.

The whole focal point of a remaster being released was to allow BandaiNamco and CyberConnect2 get fans interested in the next series of .hack games, they chose this entry feeling it would bring back old fans and interest new ones. We currently have no details as of yet on what the next entries will be in the series, but the events in volume 4 are meant to be a prelude of what's to come. CyberConnect2 the developer has made it known their intent on wanting to release their games and series internationally still; however their NA and EU publisher BandaiNamcoUS and BandaiNamcoEU hold the licensing rights in the west and haven't been on board with releasing everything CyberConnect2 is creating both in the past, and now in the present. There is a Premium Edition for Last Recode that contains a sound drama, a copy of .hack//Returner, a light novel called .hack//RAGTIME, and the soundtrack. The English team at CyberConnect2 stated if we the fans can convince BandaiNamcoUS and BandaiNamcoEU on social media how much we want the series, then BandaiNamco "might" be swayed to releasing the Premium Edition internationally. Otherwise there currently are no plans on doing so.

That's the news with the upcoming remake 31 days from now and their projected plans for the future. But we the fans and content creators who deal in the business with the .hack series have not been quiet and been very busy over the past few years and even more so this year. Dothack Network which started in 2012 has been bridging the gap between fans and fan projects over the last 5 years. We've been promoting YouTubers who create lets plays, dothack news, tutorials on how to play .hack//fragment with others. We've been promoting cosplayers who spent their time and craft making awesome .hack cosplays and having meetup's at local conventions around North America. We've assisted fans on locating and collecting .hack// memorabilia, showcasing bargains and deals, as well as how to purchase internationally. We even received a generous donation on a .hack//ENEMY uncut sheet from the Deciphers printing press for the card game and gave it back to the fans in the form of a raffle giveaway; and we have more to give away today. In honor of .hack//G.U. Last Recode next month, we will be reissuing a second giveaway to send out the remaining 5 sheets we still have to you the fans in another raffle, so be sure to check the site for details sometime in October.

Our reach which began as a page on Facebook has grown exponentially reaching out as a Facebook group page for direct community and fan discussions compared to our Facebook page promotion from our editor. We have a presence over on Steam and on Twitter for those who dislike Facebook. This year we've dropped Skype in favor of Discord for being the better messenger platform and have amounted well over 400 active users with various themed channels for discussions. And our web site continues to archive the latest .hack// news and updates, as well as preserving all fan projects and fandom. Our community continues to draw fans from older sites from the past including Dothackers.net, .hack//INFO, .hack//Integral, Integrability, Cyberconnect LLC, CyberConnects, Iridium Based, Cyberconnects2, The World //R:2, Dimension-Corp, World of Visions, .hack//fragment BBS, The World BBS, The World RP, The World VRChat, .hack//Universe, and many more! Be sure to stop by to see if any of your friends or familiar faces are still around.

We've become pretty welcoming and close with each other that we wrote a schedule for daily events for our friends to participate and meet up online to do events. On Monday's we play AzureZhen's The World R:Craft which is a free-to-play no Minecraft account required modded-Minecraft, Tuesday's we host a trivia game on Discord for users to show off their knowledge and experience of the series, Wednesdays we hop onto the VR world of The World VRChat which you can use with or without a VR headset but does support ALL VR headsets if you so choose, Thursdays we get in touch of our original characters and join in a role-play on Discord or on our web site, and on Fridays we grab our patched game disc or emulator for the PC and hop on a .hack//fragment server where up to 3 people can join a party and level up in the .hack//Infection setting world of online play with real friends. These are just some of the daily events you can join in, and we're always accepting of new ideas.

This has become the theme and status of our friendly community, if you wish to be part of it you are always welcomed; if you wish to support the series, we could always use your help working with BandaiNamco US/EU; or if you want to reconnect with old friends, then let us help you get there. Otherwise, I've been Erroneous and thank you for listening! Be sure to learn more and discover various venues with the links provided below.

Our Community

Website: http://www.dothack.org
Discord: https://discord.gg/YkRJjQF
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/dothacknetwork
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dothacknetwork
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/dothacknetwork
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dothacknetwork
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/dothacknetwork

.hack//G.U. Last Recode

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/525480
Playstation Store: https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/games/hack-gu-last-recode/cid=UP0700-CUSA07559_00-HACKGURECODE0000
NA Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0743X12TX
EU Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B074VG7PGW
NA GameStop: https://www.gamestop.com/ps4/games/hack-gu-last-recode/150492
JP Amazon (Standard): https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B074GVWJT1
JP Amazon (Premium): https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B074GV5G2M


I've decided to upgrade the forum software to 4.2 versioning. With that many new features were added and some removed. Once again an emphasis of making the community more social media like, and to push the members into driving the site as a community was the focus of this update. With that, so will we now that .hack has been given the green light for a revival. Many of our site's features will cater to our original mission of archiving fan sites; but also build a new community moving forward. Unfortunately the old site was a mess due to me reacting to update bugs and being blocked by said bugs. An example was our gallery, it was heavily broken after an update and rather fix each individual ones back then; starting fresh will most likely overcome those difficulties.

I still have the old site backed up on my hard drive and running on a private apache/mysql server so I can call up any previous information the old site previous held. Should anyone here need any relevant information from that site.


Hello Dothackers! We have created a chatroom server on Discord. For those unaware what Discord is; think the old IRC chatrooms but simplified as logging onto an IRC chat required some degree to computer know-how. Other benefits is that this chatroom both caters to text chat and voice chat, so should you prefer one over the other; both options are there especially while playing games. It offers both push-to-chat and voice activity to enable your mic; much like how TeamSpeak works. So in our opinion, it has the best features of all the chat and voice apps out there from IRC, Skype, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, etc... And it comes free to use, advertisement free, and light to use. Also available in 3 flavors as a webpage no installation option, a desktop program, and a smartphone app.


Be sure to introduce yourself and chat with our Dothack Network community!


Expand Your Network

Remember folks, we're here to support all forms of the .hack series franchise and it's fans. So if you happen to be a fan and a content creator i.e. blogger, vlogger, cosplayer, game developer, fan fiction writer, artist, fan site owner, or anything relating to .hack series it's characters or it's fictional game The World; we want to know about it and we would love to share, showcase, and expose your contributions to the whole world with our network.


PS2 Games on PS4

Be sure to use hashtag ‪#‎ps2ps4‬ on Twitter for .hack//Infection and .hack//G.U. This news came about on Twitter as seen here in this tweet from an official Sony Playstation staff member.



Hello .hackers! Today starts the first day of PAX Prime in Seattle, WA. How many of you will be attending this convention this weekend? Some of us will definitely be there this weekend. Next year we should plan ahead and meet up and gather the .hack cosplayers for one big photo shoot.


Hello Dothack fan developers. Do you have a fan project be it a game, website, forum, blog, youtube channel, twitch stream, cosplay production, deviantart page, or whatever that is .hack related or relevant; and you have no money to afford advertising, and you want to gain some followers, for the low low price of free! Or maybe you have a project in mind but lack the hosting space, web design knowledge, and production know how. Then we at Dothack Network can help YOU! Remember, DN is a site managed by and provide content for all types of .hack fans across the globe. Just shoot us a Message and we'll be happy to support you.


1,500 likes! Congrats .hack community on staying strong and spreading the word to countless unconnected fans of the series. Please help spread the word to other dothack fans, and help band together and post on BandaiNamco's Facebook and Twitter page telling them you want more .hack!


Hello dothack fans! Question of the day for you all. Dothack Network Facebook page primarily brings you the latest news from the official developers and publishers of Dothack that pertain to dothack news, and we also keep you in the loop on all fan site projects and updates. Would you fans like to see photos of fan art, cosplay, artworks, and videos on a regular basis here? If you do, please leave your thoughts in the comments below.


Hello there,

This may be our first time meeting each other; however if you been watching us on our Facebook page Dothack Network, then you may already know what we are about.

We are fans of the .hack series, franchise, and distribution. Not only are we fans, we are also webmasters whom all shared one interests, we at some point created a website related to the series .hack in some shape or form. May it have been your information website that brought to you the latest in the news that the English fans were able to translate, or perhaps those that helped fan sub the latest raw file ripped from the internet, we might have begun and continue to develop a 3D MMO game based on The World, or maybe you just heard of us and what progress we've done revitalizing an old PS2 online game by rebuilding an area server, or maybe we played a game of Guilty Dragon on the Android together and didn't notice who the other player was.

However we came together, at some point in time, we all been apart of this larger community in the backdrop; separated by the names of what community we hailed from and separated by time. And unfortunately it is time that's dissolving the information, news, and history we all were all once apart of.

Dothack Network aim's to unite all fans of the dothack series, by being fans ourselves, making all information, tools, files, and sites accessible to all of you free of charge. The only thing you may have to endure is the road blocks and headaches that we may run into while rebuilding the internet. Already on our newly developed website community you can find site's of old being re-published in our blogs. Screenshots of those once amazing site's coming back together. As well as many downloadable goodies for you to use along the way to enjoy what CyberConnect2 and BandaiNamco once gave us. And maybe even discover some new things that you never seen or heard of until today.

Did you know, Guilty Dragon the .hack inspired card game is going on strong in Japan and even among the North American and European fans thanks to the Android APK file and a PC emulator for Android called BlueStacks? Or would it surprise you to know how many North American and English speaking gamers own and play the PS3 game .hack//VERSUS the World? Exchange your in-game names and you might encounter new friends to play with or fight against. In addition, thanks to a certain team, .hack//fragment for the PS2 is now online again and you yourself can join one of the many servers, or host your own.

Join us at our easy to remember address at dothack.org ! Accounts from The World BBS, The World RP, Project ALTIMIT, .hack//Integral, Integrability may have already been migrated over, so if you received an email, that means you have an account already, passwords were randomized so you will have to use the forgot password feature. Or email us if you need further assistance with setting up your account's password. Also if you wish for us to delete your account, we will be happy to assist you as well. The software we chosen is brand new and still in it's infantile, we were fortunately enough to get an early test on this new system and it has been remarkably amazing, very social media-esque. But because of it's early development, we do expect to run into some bugs and we are working closely with the developers to iron out the few remaining bugs in the system.

All these actions are thanks to the power and strength of the .hack community, and we will do our best to find them all and rebuild them on our community and enable all of you to come together as we wait and see what the future might bring. December 2014 has been a busy month for us and we can't wait to show you what we have in mind for 2015.


The Dothack Network Team

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