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Merry Christmas! (+ a little PS2 news)

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It is the 24th of December and bit by bit the xmasy mood comes up (hopefully).

A lot has been happening over the last months, both in my life and in the scene.

I got married to my longtime love Crispy, TN released his new eCFW for Vita and Yifan Lu started digging into the Vita Hardware, I’ve also been following a bunch of Metal Gear posts on wololo.net which gave me a good time reading them (go check them out when you get the chance).

As for me, I had to avert legal threats from a third party for which I’ve been working part-time, the results were… acceptable I would say.

Also, the xmas holidays are coming up, which means I get to have 3-4 days off finally.

On the hacking frontier – I’ve dug into something old… but annoying.

DNAS, the hated Authentication System for Online Games on PS2, and yes, I’ve cracked it, I required to remove DNAS from a PS2 game called .hack//FRAGMENT as reviving its dead gaming server has been a long term goal of mine forever and the only thing standing between that goal and me was the DNAS Authentication System.

I know that a bunch of other projects try to achieve similiar things, mostly the Metal Gear Online scene, so, to help them and probably other people out, I will be posting a technical blog post in the near future detailing how DNAS works on the inside and how to remove it from a game successfully (including MIPS-ASM snippets).

So, for the time being, all that is left to be said is Merry Christmas everyone!

I will keep you guys posted. Enjoy the holidays!

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