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New Fragment Area Server out!

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Dear .hack//frägment Server Hosts!

We are doing our best to improve your experience so we have created a new, more versatile, Area Server for you.

This new Area Server is just the tip of the iceberg though, and while – right now – you will hardly notice any difference in functionality, this new release will benefit you on the long run.

This new release supports a new functionality which we call passthrough, which will allow us to create better (100% accurate) live statistics of your server, which will, eventually, result in better Anti-Cheat mechanisms and more complete Server Webviews.

This update is mandatory, due to the change of how data is processed now.

This will result in your old Area Server binaries being unable to connect to the Lobby Server.

Existing Area Server savedata won’t be affected, allowing you a safe upgrade of your existing server.

Greetings, Coldbird

EDIT: Fixed a shenanigan in the 1.0.4 Area Server. Please download the new 1.0.5 Area Server to resolve the instant disconnect issue.

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