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The World Part A

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About how it started
Well I have greatly gotten addicted to the newly dubbed anime .hack//sign and Liminality and the fansubed Dusk aka Twilight Bracelet. I felt like starting an rp based upon that of The World. In short, The World is a fictional Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG). In The World, you can select a character class, regisiter, login, and play. Though in this version, there are no head visors or game pads, since this is a message boards, all you have is the keyboard infront of you and your imagination. Though I will make this as graphical as possible for those who never seen any of the series of .hack and I like all RPG games, will have a background music playing. The character classes are Blade User, Heavyblade, Longarm, Twinblade, Heavy Axe, and Wavemasters. You'll need that to register in this topic and then you can start playing in the story topic. In the world there are a few things you'll need to know.

1) Once you play, you will always start in the server towns also called Root Towns.
2) To visit another server town, dungeon, or field you need to use the Chaos Gates which are located only in the Root Towns.
3) Grunties are a crossbreed between a pig and a cow. They will be your sourse of travel only on fields due to their vast size.
4) You won't start out with a full grown Gruntie, you'll have an infant in which you'll need to raise and feed. But you can determine what type it\'ll grow to.
5) Only the system administrator (Myself and the other admins here), will start contests and events. And will be the only one to post background musics for this RP.
6) The party system is allowed, however only 3 users per party.
7) To exit a dungeon, you must use your Spirit Ocarina's. To exit a field, you can gate out, when not in a battle.
8) No one can act as a NPC such as a merchant.
9) Trading amongst each other is permitted.
10) This is mostly considered medievel times, so no modern or superweapons. Only a sword type or staff weapons are allowed.
11) Only Wavemasters can use staffs and mostly depend upon thier magic and summons.
12) Other classes can use magic and summons by means of an item.
13) Healing may become a neccessity.
14) Magic skills may be used by weapon users.
15) No godmodding, no one can become superior, you all just started as of now.
16) Dungeons have rare items at the end.
17) You each start out with how much you have here at the boards and at Level 1.
18) And finally, the first Root Town you'll start in is called Mac Anu.

1) All basic level 1 equipment.
2) Everyone starts at level 1 form that the admins decide what your level is.
3) At this time no one has anything special for the fact and sake of arguement we've all just started, therefore no one can say my character has been playing before their post.
4) Again we've just started, so we all have basic equipment, nothing worth selling nor bragging about. Later on you may buy, win, or find an enchanted weapon.
5) I guess thats alright if you choose to. However I won't be apart of offline relationship and or affairs. My powers are only in the game.
6) Yes I will be joining, I'll be much like that of Balmung from .hack. He's a character and at the same time a representative of the adminsitration.
7) All fields are random. When you choose to go to a field, stand before the chaos gate and say 3 random words. Then from there you may choose what the field is like. The fields may be of any climate regions with any weather. The words make up places, the same words will get you to the same place. Different combinations of words will get you different places.
8) We'll be here in Mac Anu for awhile and most monsters levels in this server range from 1 to 20.
9) It's not permitted to kill each other, though there are some magic effects that monster can casts that'll confuse your player. Stuff happens.
10) We're all broke! You must do quests or kill monsters and sell the items dropped to gain some dinero!

Further Explaination
Specific Places: Later on different servers will be introduced which will carry more shops also contests will be held at certain fields which will be announced.

Dying: If you die by a monster or status effect such as burn or poisin then you loose your expierence for that post and that post only. Then you will return back to the root town which you were last in.
If you are in a party and died, then you are in an inactive/uninvolvement state or ghost until a party member resurrects you and you loose no experience. If by chance all of your team members die as well, then each of you loose your experience for that post and that post only.

Currency: The money system in this game is called GP, Gold Points. And you all start out with 100 GP. You determine how much you make, however don't go overboard saying you found or made 1,000,000,000 GP in one post, be reasonable and don't go in and say "Wow I killed and monster and I receieved 34526542365642654 GP".

Weapons: I have no intention what so ever to use actual item names from the games or series. But if you wish to go by those names feel free. However to make things clear cause I had a problem with this before. Your first item that you state in your character stats must sound basic and easy to get. If it sounds advance or expensive the admins have a right to delete it on the spot and you'll be start with nothing! I'm serious, make it sound basic, then after posting in the main topic after awhile you have the right to find or buy a newer and better item, but you must post that you got it in your post. Like, "ohh look what this monster drop" or "Yay! I finally saved enough GP to buy an item from the item shop". You get the idea,...I hope.

Fairy Orbs: These items are used to locate all monsters on the field, good for if you wish to avoid battle. Also is used as a map for dungeons.

Mac Anu: Mac Anu is the first root town that we all start out in first, no exceptions, and you can\'t start in a dungeon or field. It's strictly Mac Anu and from there you can go onto fields and dungeons. The surrondings of this town is a water based city much like that of Rome. There are boats to get arround, and there are sidewalks to walk on, and bridges to cross the water.

Grunties: If you choose to raise one then you'll start out with a baby grunite, no exceptions. All your gruntie stats are at 0, you'll have to increase each category by feed them a variety of foods. The foods can be found in dungeons and fields. The baby gruntie can not do anything but talk with you.
Once it reaches a certain level, then I'll grow into an adult grunite. At this time you can trade with your gruntie. Or for the best part, when on fields you can call out your gruntie and ride it in means of not getting into battles. The grunties can not go into dungeons.

Naming your grunty's: I don't have problem with you naming your grunty's or whatever, however you may NOT make up a new type of grunty breed; the breeds are: Aqua, Bony, Iron, Milky, Noble, Poison, Rock, Snaky, and Wood grunty. What type of grunty's allowed in each server will be announced when a new server is available.

Growth: You must have stated you have a grunty and feed it once a day in real time for 1 whole week in real time.

Rule #3455465
This applies to the Story topic, No 1 sentence or short spam posts
The last time I made this RP at my old forum, everyone just spammed the whole way saying things like this "Hey whats up (last poster name here)."
Not uh, not here, I want something half or more than the rules I stated above per post! :evil:
Or at least more than 3 sentences of talk and actions.

Appearance "Wings": No one's character appearance may include full wings like Balmungs, but I'll let you and everyone else use short wings like Tera and Subaru. I may pull a "Decendants of Fianna" and make a contest and have character moddel with full wings as the prize.

NPC's: No one can be them, nor act like a semi Phase such as Mia, however you may claim to have spotted one, but you may not say you went and attacked and defeated them unless we say its an event.

Wandering AI's: Again, no one can be them except for the admins only here of this forum.

Sense of Touch: Can you feel things?, Yes it'll be like in .hack//Dusk, not like in .hack//SIGN how Tsukasa felt things. No one can be comatosed and play it like she did.

Starting Items: No not weapons or armor, items like potions and stuff will not be provided when you start. You must aquire them on your own and post that you aquired them by means of trading, buying, or monster item drop. That way no one will be shocked in saying "Where did you get that?"

New Rules
Read EVERYTHING in the above post and all the other topics here in this section that dont say [Character]
For the most common rules that everyone seems to be missing are:

NO Signatures when posting, uncheck the box that's about submit when replying

NO One liners, one sentence spam or single word post

Refrain from doing one on one chat with your partners, allow other users to post too

NO .hack character names or features for your characters

Dont ask to have special powers like Data Drain, those will be event items given from the admins to you guys only

Read the rules on about creating your character CAREFULLY

And anything else that the other admins feel poses as a problem will be added here.

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