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The World Part B

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UPDATED: Janurary 23rd 2004

Character Class Info

Blade Master: Good balence between strength and speed. Good at one on one battles with any opponent. There strength lies in their skill. The more time and experience they have dictate their effectiveness.
Twinblade: Uses 2 wrist style blades. Sneaky and Stealthy, this user swiftness and speed is their key to accomplish any task.
Heavy Blade: Still very swift but uses a large blade to defeet its enimes. Most of their attacks begin with a spin to get the blade up to speed and power.
Heavy Axe: Gives up speed for power. Uses all types of axe's. Very slow but good agiant enimes with high HP. They have given up the ability to attack multiple enimes for the ability to give out major damage on a single enemy.
Longarm: Excellent in battles with many opponents. Attacks are swift and mercilise. They are very fast and posess lots of strength to wield their weapons. Also the archer class.
Wavemaster: Excelled in magic, this user has the power of all elements. Able to summon elemental creatures, this user really has no physical strength and rarely travels alone and most often with any weapon class.
Fighters: Class based upon relying on their fists for combat. Able to move with great speed and strong enough to brawl against a stone and shatter it into pieces.
Werewolves: Users whom are able to decuise themselves as harmless wolves or bestial wolves depending upon the users choice. These users are much like the fighters class but are only faster in their wolf forms.

Further Explaination

There are no classes that use fists, they all solely depend upon their weapons, skills, and magics. Wavemaster depend upon their magic. Though they do have staffs, its not as effective as their magic. Wavemasters are excelled in healing powers as well. Though all classes for that matter should stock up on healing items. And some classes other than skills, have magics. However its only like physical stats ie. strength up. All weapons in this world have no durability, therefore you can move about without worrying about the durability. Weapons can be enchanted as in the weapon is on fire. Though weapons do give new skills and magic for the user. Also when unequiping them, they also take back what magic or skills they gave you. Remember this is not my unsuccessful combination of .hack and Ragnarok, this RP will not have stats. However, it will have LV's and thats it. The levels will be determined by me or the admins here at the forum. I do plan to get involved this time. Even though my class in this RP is system admistrator, I will announce contests and events. Also I'm am making my class system administrator, run much like that of Blade Master, so I will join you all in this. There will be no special or official guilds. You may however start party groups or clans and call yourselves whatever.

"Wings": For those that missed this in the main rules, your character may NOT have a full set of wings like Balmungs, but short wings like Subaru's, no exceptions.

Rules about .hack Character
Your character can NOT be any .hack series character, obviously they have been taken and you won't be playing as anyone. Though if you do care about them so much then you may claim to have seen them or on occasion chat with them but you may NOT party with them. You may use them as a source of information such as Wiseman. You may not say you have their weapons, ie Mimiru's Sword.

The Format
The format must include the following
Level: 1
And optional >>
History of Character:
Person behind the Character:
Photo Link: http://
Starting Partners: (limit to 3 only)

And they should look something similar to this
Name: Shadow
Weapon: Crossfade Blade of Darkness
Class: System adminstration in the form of a Blademaster
Level: 1
Armor: Royal Armor
Appearence: High class armor mail and has dark angel like wings. Check out my avatar for somewhat of an idea of what my face features look like.

Now you can start your charater in a new topic here in this section ^_^

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