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What is The World:NExT?

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Many of you have been in the dark asking and wondering what is The World: NExT.

Is it an MMO? No.
Is it the name of the RPG? No.
Is it a whole new site? No.

The World: NExT simply means what the abbreviations mean, New Era of Twilight. The X was silent, or in this case used for a conjunction for the world of as NEOT would of sounded silly. The New Era of Twilight simply means we will be taking things to a bold new future, a parallel world that does not follow the rules and events of any of the dothack series and therein, the The World R1, R2, and RX. What this means is that our world takes place in any and all forms of The World R's. Bridging the gap between all systems into one, providing you with the resources and expectations of all universes, expanding your playing field to a million, and best of all giving you the option to play how you want to play with whom you want to play with.

You can now choose what class to become from any of the series, with the exception of a few non listed classes such as Werewolf, Adept Rogue, and Dual Gunners. Newly registered users will have the freedom of choosing which class to choose from. Oldbies and already registered users do not have the option of changing their classes in their profiles and must speak with an Amethyst Knight and request that their classes to be changed ONCE and only once. After your initial change should you choose to use it within the set period of 2 months availability, you will have to resort to participating in the NPC Class Changing based events. What this means is for you oldbies, you can speak with an AK for the next two months i.e April 13th and get your class changed once for free. New registered users do not have the option to change class after registration as they already may choose which class they want from the list. After April 13th, find and participate in an event that allows you to have your class changed again (when available).

Now The World: NExT not only comes with all the same flavors packed into one, but then some. You will have the option of choosing what race to be as. The same rules apply as the class rules, see above for more information.

Servers of R1 and R2 have been combined stripped of their symbols for easy identification. However a level requirement will be set into place within the week. See this announcement for the finalized list of requirements. However post requirements are no longer a requirement in the RP. As being combined into one section, the rules of gating in and out still apply to both styles of servers. So think of the two styles of servers as you would be playing in the regular R1 forum. All events that took place in The World R2 as stated at the creation of itself, will be cleared from history, it was as described a "what if scenario" and we are now in the present and witnessing a whole new world as is provided by our realm.

But this fictional and unheard of adaptation of all 3 worlds in a single time period would not be possible without the fictional addition of a new city known as Haragashi to further portay this is our own world that never existed within the dothack universe we are all familiar with. No longer are real world events taken place across our real world, but now in the fictional city of Haragrashi. The World the video game is hosted within the city, its workers who play as Knights and Game Masters or Administrators now have a place of residency and a headquarters to perform their jobs, users have a home and a school or job to attend to while not playing the game. And everyone is free to go out and leave to the neighboring towns and cities across what would be considered the world and then return back and participate in Haragashi.

And there you have it, the first steps into a bold new universe of The World: NExT. We hope you enjoy these changes in events to better suit your RP'ing and RPG'ing needs. May you bridge yourselves to newer heights and possibilities that you choose to endure.

And thank you for making this possible.

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