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Whats Been New with Integral?

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Those of you returning with us are probably curious to know what changes have occurred. Those of you gone for a very long time may want to take this chance to read up on the Newsletter to flip through the months gone by to see all the changes over the years. Although at first not much has changed, you'll find quite the opposite. Obviously the Newsletter as mentioned above is back in action and taking charge of capturing each months highlights and bonus material written by our esteemed writers. New on the project is our very own radio station broadcasted from our very own Nuke Usagimaru. This is a chance for you to listen to everything dothack on your local media players. Other changes recently has been new features and content added to our adfere wiki site for everything related to dothack.

But those of you were here for our traditional resource, the MMO and the role-play of Integral, would have noticed we at one time had the split of The World R1 and The World R2 but combined those universes along with the universe of The World RX into one massive universe we call The World NExT, new era of twilight. What this means is our role-play takes place in a very alternate universe where aspects and features of all realms used in one. But also we've taken away the least used offline topics and expanded them into its own universe as well known as the city of Hagarashi where the game is hosted and we all live in.

But if that doesn't interest you in the least, then you should head on over to see what our Sprite Team has cooking for you. With over a 5,000 sprite choices making that 25,000,000 possibilities for you to choose from for you to be your very own dothack character! With tons more in the works and available for special events and opportunities, can you imagine the other million possibilities? And our Game Masters building and festively adding new and more content to the RPG system for you to interact and play each day. With more NPCs, more items, more events and quests, and even more monsters as well as new field maps and root towns! What more can you ask for?

So what are you waiting for? See all these and the other newer features of Integral compared to your visit and see why thousands till choose to make this their home and source for everything dothack!~

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