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Hello Dothackers! We have created a chatroom server on Discord. For those unaware what Discord is; think the old IRC chatrooms but simplified as logging onto an IRC chat required some degree to computer know-how. Other benefits is that this chatroom both caters to text chat and voice chat, so should you prefer one over the other; both options are there especially while playing games. It offers both push-to-chat and voice activity to enable your mic; much like how TeamSpeak works. So in our opinion, it has the best features of all the chat and voice apps out there from IRC, Skype, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, etc... And it comes free to use, advertisement free, and light to use. Also available in 3 flavors as a webpage no installation option, a desktop program, and a smartphone app.


Be sure to introduce yourself and chat with our Dothack Network community!

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