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Integrability Update 12/06/09

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Some new updates since the last email. Three former quest shops now Quest Recollection have been unlocked! Wallpaper Challenge, Becoming Dothack, and Collection all have re-opened and updated with the new site. In Wallpaper Challenge you'll have the chance to create a wallpaper based on our winning 2009 mascot contest created by Rego! The lovely Aari a Harvest Cleric and the devious Reikin a Flick Reaper. And as a special treat for this month, we've added Kite to the Becoming Dothack event :o That's right win and have your display name changed to the real dothacker Kite himself. Then in Collector, you'll have the chance of obtaining a milestone from your previous entry or submit your first entry to the event and still win!

As a special bonus for this month like last month, we've turned one of our premium only features to a member feature. This month everyone now officially can create themselves a personal album of up to 25 images! Both the blog and album systems are now permanent members standard accessed feature.

Also this month we're starting our first ever Member of the Month Committee where anyone can apply and have a seat among 5 to choose which user gets to be member of the month. Candidacy is available so apply today to be sure your among the 5 who gets the privileged of making a decision which will affect each month.

Social Networking isn't new to us, we've held content with popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, deviantArt, and a few others. You'll now find that on our forum and website these links even easier. But more importantly we've dug deep into Facebook this week and started our own Facebook Page! Check it out at http://facebook.dothack.org and become a fan! Don't forget to write on the page's wall with your forum's username to be given the Facebook milestone for your account!

We would also like to welcome Pink among the newest Game Master, of which all have been working diligently on the reconstruction of the new role-play. Don't forget to check out .hack//LINK demo for the PSP now available in our downloads page. And be sure to check out the gallery with all the latest images now available at http://gallery.dothack.org

As a reminder, full The World:R1 character models are available for purchase at the shopping mall. And we're always looking for new and creative members to join the Sprite Division to help with new sprites for our members to share and collect!

From the administration of Integrability, happy holidays!

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