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Integrability Update 01/01/10

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Welcome to 2010!,

We at Integrability would like to wish you a happy new year! And what better way to start the new year with many new treats! The World RP is back! Look forward to the return of the role-play on the forums, be sure to read the rules and guides of the new classic setup. Plus all the great sprites of the old site are now finally back! Every last one of them and plans for brand new ones coming soon!

Also as mentioned, .hack//Integral otherwise http://board.dothack.org is no more. We moved the beloved 5 year site to the archive site Reminisce where it can be viewed anytime, otherwise you'll expect to find the old board will bring you to the new forum.

At the start of the new year we've relaunched KWTF Integral Radio for your listening pleasure on your iTunes, ShoutCAST iPhone app, WinAMP, and Real Player. And as something new, we've launched our early alpha testing of Integrability the World MMO.

Be sure to be the first to jump in all this and more for the year 2010!

So long 2009!

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