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Integrability Update 01/14/10

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So a lot of changes have been going on at the end of last year and now this year. As promised, .hack//Integral the boards have been laid to rest at Reminisce and now the old URL link goes to the new forum. If you haven't joined our new forum, we invite you to register and join the on-going fun! Character models are back in full and new sets are over the horizon. The GM team has released the newest role-play for your enjoyment, utilizing an older role-play technique not done in years with us and even newer techniques which became available. Sadly there is absolutely no RPG system involvement if that's what you were aiming for, however if your a hardcore role-player, then this will fit your bill. What was once a demonstration of a MMORPG provided by Integrability, has now become one of the available MMO's our community has and will be offering. The current demo MMO is up and available to play at anytime should you have a Windows based PC. Download is free and easy, creating an account in the game takes seconds. Our in-game GM team lead by Rion have been making the game quite interesting. And once again our all dothack radio station is back up! Listen to all of the dothack original soundtracks one more time on Winamp, iTunes, RealPlayer, and yes even on your iPhones if you have the Shoutcast app. You'll find that we've dug deeper and deeper into the social networking. We now have our very own Facebook page and we invite you to become a fan today! Including our very own YouTube page. We recommend you check out all this and the coming laid plans that will be available soon only on Integrability.

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