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Integrability Update 06/09/10

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Been a long while eh?

That's right, Edan is back in black with even more updates! What I've done was gone around updating all the forum softwares, so right off the bat you may have noticed quite a few differences and changes. Many of the profile and social activities have modernize into what you would be familiar with at Facebook. And this time around its not just Facebook, we even have the same integration for you Twitter users. Much of the forum itself has been improved for faster performance, ease and convenience for mobile phone users, improved search engine listing, and even customized profile pages.

With the software technical side taken care of we can move onto bigger projects. The Webcomic team recently regrouped with Phyllo and Chansey leading the team. Our beloved Divisional Administrators have been promoted to full administrators. And former original GM and Spriter, Nexus Trimean has jumped on aboard to assist with the MMO that still is in service.

Many more features and updates await around the corner. A new storyline is about to unfold in the world. And even a secondary MMO is currently being developed. Not to mention .hack//LiNK the manga and video are soon to appear in stores along with a new anime in the works.

All this and more, coming to an Integrability near you!

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