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Many of you have been asking in chat about old topics and old discussions, and those of you new on the street probably asking yourselves where did these people come from and why is everyone all cosey with each other? If you are unaware, I have preserved the past with Project Reminisce, a general timeline of the past. With Reminisce you can venture deep back into the past, years and nearly a decade of history. From the exact date when the project started to all its glory some still in it's original content.

Of the notable communities, some of the earliest of you would have remembered the first time we obtained our very own first community. With The World Role-Play, or TWRP, as our first house we bought, we were able to shape a game into a role-play.

After living in our first adobe, we were moved around here and there with our private hoster and with growth came change. At The World RP we did just that and began development of an RPG system to tie into the game to better show graphically and interactively as players could see what levels they were and grow without a member of staff telling them what stats and items they had.

With our devotion and success, came the golden era of .hack//Integral! We had mastered our techniques and abilities and molded a game that had everything every gamer could ask for. Movies, RPG system, dynamic avatars, dothack galleries, dothack news, achievement awards, dothack webrings, user blogs, secured shopping sites, and over 100 thousand of posts. This would be the era in which many people elevated themselves to heroes and antagonist.

Though with heavy activities as we held, caused a demand for better hardware and software, we would not forsee that our happiness came with a price. All which we held was incapable of being powered by any means of anything short of a dedicated server and we were forced to move. Along with such vast features and abilities for all to use, resulted in many loopholes and malicious attempts to break the system. In short, we had to give up luxury and change our attitudes and such came Integral.

We are a proud community who doesn't regret it roots and are thankful for each and every single one of you who made this journey together an awesome one. Many people have come into our lives and also many of you have left the nest egg and started your own adventures. Someday though, we will all meet again and share many more memories and carry on a legacy for the next generation of gamers.

This is Edan saying, thank you everybody, and this is Project Reminisce. http://reminisce.dothack.org

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