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Play Mabinogi with Integrability!

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That's right, if you've heard some of our bantor in the Mabinogi game topic, you'll know that many of us like this little classic MMO game that goes by the name Mabinogi Fantasy Life! What you don't know is that the guild that we play with "Integral" was built by Integrability members, which accepts and would like to have Integrability members to join us. So if you already play this MMO, or would like to join this MMO, then you should be aware that this game is pact with lively and supportive guilds and the Integral guild, brought to you by Integrians, wants YOU to join in on the fun!

Those of you who join the game and join the guild, will be awarded the Integral Guild Milestone.

If Mabinogi is your game, but you are already in another guild, or not interested in guilds at all, then we have a Mabinogi Milestone as well.

Also, if you play Mabinogi and joined Integral guild, you WILL get BOTH milestones. How easy is that?

What does Integral offer to you? We support newly joined gamers and veterans of the game. Our activities include casual runs from Dungeons, Shadow Missions, Hot Air Ballooning, Rafting, and newly added or seasonal events. We even work together towards Advancement Arenas, Jousting, and Fashion Contests. We aid each other in obtaining new skills and complete focus on completing members Mainstream Quests. But we're also a social group and have near daily Skype chats while playing the game and during maintenance modes. Other perks include guild discounts for buying and selling, production parties for Life Skill training, random PvP'ing for mutually accepted battles, we even offer our very own wiki for Mabinogi for when the high-traffic MabiWiki it's crashes, and even provide generous gaming knowledge in guild chat and Skype when needed.

What we do NOT accept include but are not limited to: account information sharing (including to guild members), flaming or harassing of any kind to fellow guild members, disrespect towards other guilds, hacking into unreleased areas of the game, use of bots or other scam and phishing conductivity, theft or scamming of fellow guild members, camping opposing giant/elf race guild members, and neglect of the team or intending not to participate occasionally with the group (what's the point of joining a guild if you do not interact talk or chat with the members? seriously we (most) don't bite).


To learn more about this guild, please visit or join our message board and discover where the guild stone is located in the game so that you may join the guild. After you've submitted your guild application, please contact me by any means and I'll finalize your application.

Thank you.

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