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Integrability Update 08/22/10

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We hope you enjoyed your summer break, we know we have. Many of us have been relaxing and enjoying the bright summer days, but summer is now coming to a close and things will resuming back to normal.

We've had several people join the Gaming Division team and after they've been trained, you may expect to see new updates in the MMO game. Also for the first time ever, the Game Master team has been open applications to all members! So if you feel that you want to make a dramatic change in the way The World RP is or will be, now's your chance to join and be apart of the biggest team ever! Remember, you may apply to just about any team there is here on Integrability and we highly encourage you to put your best forward and join one of these teams to help build a better newer Integrability.

.hack Conglomerate has announced a new series known as .hack//Quantum which depicts 3 new characters with the character models of 3 important dothackers Kite, Blackrose, and Balmung. Also the .hack//LiNK mangas are now officially in stores, so head on over to your local Barne's and Noble's and pick on up today!

Several forum changes were made this week, avatars in the regular forums were replaced by your profile pictures, now character models can be seen only in the role-play forums. If you are an iPhone user, we have an app for Integrability!, check out the topic "Integrability on the iPhone" in our announcements to know how.

In the becoming dothack event, we have the lovely SHINO from .hack//Roots as this months name, and only 8 more days remain for this name so enter today!

And finally this past summer we congratulate and give thanks to Effie and Rego, who both been with us since the beginning as they step down from Administration and move on to work on newer bolder things. We will always remember your efforts and contributions you've given all of us at Integrability and will make use of all that you given us. Thanks!

Expect to see a whole lot more as we head towards the holidays. You keep on role-playing, we'll keep on inventing!


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