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Integrability Becoming Dothack Decemeber

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You've heard of Becoming Dothack right? The forum event where participants have the opportunity to win a username based on a character from the dothack series as oppose to our forum rules which deny's everyone from registering with a name based on a character from the dothack series. Up until now all names have been preselected and published for those to enter if they like that particular name. For the holidays and this month and this month only we're opening the event to allow YOU to choose what dothack character name YOU want if you win. That's right, pick a name from the dothack series and three winners on Christmas day will be selected and given the very name they requested. See this post for the rules and details, http://forum.dothack.org/topic/21-q06-becoming-dothack/page__st__60__gopid__17585#entry17585

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