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Integrability Newsletter: December 2010

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Hello all,

We approach the end of 2010 and the 2011 year is starting fresh. Through the past year many features have changed and many new members have joined. Although, our site has seen a decline in new members. There has recently been a sudden rush of returning members, as more and more appear to be joining (Some even staying!). We have welcomed back many old members who are now trying to help out the site in every way they can through their new job positions (Devotion to Duty, you keep it up guys!)

However we can not forget our wonderful staff who have kept the site going. Remember they’re still hiring for most teams. So want to help out the site more? See this page for details: http://forum.dothack.org/topic/1350-now-hiring-staff-applications

Of course, there are some major changes in the actual site too. More events are being given to our faithful RPers. Several themed events have been taking place, we just saw a Halloween event (haunted memories, bad pun sorry) but now our wonderful GMs have brought back the Winter Ball. Three mini-events have been planned for the Winter Ball. Go to http://forum.dothack.org/topic/1348-winter-ball/page__pid__17804#entry17804 to check it out and prepare to dance and show off your moves! We also saw Nexus Trimean win Wiseman in the last Becoming Dothack event and now it has been announced that there will be three winners in the month of December. Not only that but you get to choose the name you want! Don’t miss out on this one time offer and get to http://forum.dothack.org/topic/21-q06-becoming-dothack/page__st__80__p__18117#entry18117 for you chance to win! Congratulations to the lucky winners of the Winter Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza event as well.

If you want to help fellow dot hackers even more join the .hack// Link localization campaign to bring it to areas near you!

Other features recently changed within the site include a map to show where around the world site users come from. Already many members have added their location, will you? Again a brand new site look has been revealed, this time even more in the spirit of the holidays than before-and with music! It fits the mood in many places around the world where it is currently snowing! Hope you lot in those areas aren’t to stuck and if so are keeping spirits high. Of course, if you need cheering up just come back to us here at http://www.dothack.org where we’re sure to keep you entertained. Have a happy holidays and a great new year!

See you all next month,

Icefen & Deimos

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