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Looking for a Podcast team!

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Hello Integrians! We at Integrability have been dabbing with the idea for starting a podcast for years. And of course with years of thinking and tinkering, we've had the means and ability to host and distribute one.


A podcast (or non-streamed webcast) is a series of digital media files (either audio or video) that are released episodically and often downloaded through web syndication.

However we've always lacked 1 critical component, a team. In the previous two years we've also threw up the suggestion of those wanting to be apart of our Podcast Team should apply to the Media Division. But maybe we haven't made that all clear to everyone, so we'd like to remind you about this interesting fact. With Integrability, we can teach you the skills and talent to host a podcast where listeners from Integrability or from the Apple iTunes market can download and listen to your news and commentary about Integrability, dothack, the Roleplay, the MMO in development and anything else you wish to speak of.

So we are looking for at least 2 talented individuals who are not afraid of speaking to a larger audience, or 2 people whom never done public speaking but are wanting to try something new and give this and yourself a chance. Previous experience is not required as we can help you feel comfortable speaking in our weekly Skype chats on Saturdays. And no skills on how to record, create, upload, distribute the podcast is required either as we can do this for you and or teach you the skills how prior or during your employment with us.

Required materials will of course be a computer, reliable access to the internet, a microphone and if you do not have one Wal*Mart sells them for $12 USD, and Skype which is an instant messenger that utilizing talk chatting over type chatting that can be downloaded here.

We highly recommend you apply today! At least 2 members will be accepted, we if we receive more applicants, then we may consider an expanded team or a backup team so don't hesitate to apply!

All applications can be sent via Private Messenger here.

Thank you!
-the administration

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