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The .hack Newbie FAQ

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The .hack Newbie FAQ
Author's Note: Anything in Bold represents an answer to a commonly asked question.


Question Bank


Is .hack an MMORPG?
No: .hack is a simulation of an MMORPG.


What IS Project .hack?
Project .hack is a series revolving around a fictionary game called "The World." It was first annouced, if memory serves correct, at the E3 2000-ish. The series itself consists of an anime series (.hack//SIGN), a four volume video game series, a four episode OVA (.hack//LIMINALITY), a manga (.hack//DUSK) with an accompanying anime, and a novel (.hack//AI Buster).


How is .hack pronouced?
"dot hack."


Who is behind Project .hack?
The game series is being developed by CyberConnect2, and published by Bandai. The three masterminds of Project .hack are Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (Character Design, of Evangelion and FLCL fame), Kazunori Ito (Director, created Maison Ikkoku and helped direct Ghost in a Shell), and Koichi Mashimo (Animation Director, worked on Noir and the Irresponsible Captain Tyler).


Chronology of the .hack series?
1st .hack//AI BUSTER (Novel)
2nd .hack//SIGN (Anime)
3rd .hack//Infection Expansion (PS2 Game #1)
.hack//LIMINALITY 01 (OVA Episode #1)
4th .hack//Malignant Mutation (PS2 Game #2)
.hack//LIMINALITY 02 (OVA Episode #2)
5th .hack//Erosion Pollution (PS2 Game #3)
.hack//LIMINALITY 03 (OVA Episode #3)
6th .hack//Absolute Encirclement (PS2 Game #4)
.hack//LIMINALITY 04 (OVA Episode #4)
??? .hack//Another Story (DVD)
7th .hack//UdeDen (Manga and Anime)


What is the Anime, .hack//SIGN, about?
.hack//SIGN takes place before the games, and is about a Wavemaster named Tsukasa who finds himself unable to log out of The World. All 26 episodes originally aired on TV Tokyo from April to September of 2002. It's planned to come out in the US and air on Cartoon Network on February 1st 2003. The 1st DVD will also come out in America in March, as well as a Limited Edition DVD + goody box set.

See the .hack//SIGN section of the FAQ for more in depth info.


What is .hack//Another Story about?
.hack//Another Story is like an episode 27 to .hack//SIGN, and tells the story from Mimiru's PoV. It's basically like a tie-up and aftermath to .hack//SIGN...

Actually, I'm not 100% sure about this, because I got the info 3rd hand: the person who originally stated it; I don't entirely trust their translation. But, we'll see. :P


What are the games about?
The .hack game series is for the PlayStation 2, and comes in four volumes. It follows the story of Kite. Kite was playing The World with his friend Orca, when they ran into an odd monster. As a result, Orca has fallen into a coma In Real Life, and Kite now continues playing to find out why this happened.

.hack//INFECTION EXPANSION is the 1st volume, and came out in June of 2002 in Japan. It comes with the 45-minute-long disk one of the OVA. Originally, it's NA title was Treasure Hackers, but luckily this was changed to .hack//INFECTION. It was supposed to come out on October 15th 20002, but was delayed until February 13th 2003 due to the American release of .hack//SIGN.

.hack//MALIGNANT MUTATION is the 2nd volume, and came out in September of 2002 in Japan. The NA title is .hack//MUTATION, and will probably be coming out in April 2003 in the US. It comes with the 25-minute-long disk two of the OVA.

.hack//EROSION POLLUTION is the 3rd volume, and came out in December 2002 in Japan. The NA title is .hack//OUTBREAK, and will probably be coming out in July 2003 in the US. It comes with disk three of the OVA.

.hack//ABSOLUTE ENCIRCLEMENT is the 4th volume, and comes out in March 2003. The NA title is .hack//QUARANTINE, and will probably be coming out in October in the US. It comes with disk four of the OVA.

See the gameplay FAQ for more info.


Where can I import the games?
Importing them can be done from places such as National Console Support and they can be won over eBay. eBay auctions usually include other goodies like the strategy guide and any little trinkets that're released with the game.

I myself bought .hack//MALIGNANT MUTATION and .hack//EROISON POLLUTION over eBay, and was incredibly pleased, and finally have a modded PS2! I still can't speak Japanese though! ^_^;

I've never used NCSX, but I've heard it oftenly nicknamed, "NCSux." ^_^;


What is the OVA, .hack//LIMINALITY, about?
.hack//LIMINALITY takes place concurrently with the games. It is not sold separately, it's only sold with the volumes of the game. Although, you can most surely download the episodes subtitled from IRC, KaZaA, etc.

As of January 2003, Uptown Anime has released a subtitled OVA #1, United Anime/Anime Paradize teamed up and have released a subtitled OVA #2, and United Anime released a subtitled OVA #3. The first two are easy to find over a P2P program, but OVA3 is a little harder to find. Try downloading it directly from UnitedAnime.org using their BitTorrent program.

OVA #1 is titled, "In the case of Minase Mai." It was changed to "In the case of Mai Minase" for US release.

OVA #2 is titled, "In the case of Aihara Yuki." It was changed to "In the case of Yuki Aihara" for US release.

OVA #3 is titled, "In the case of Tohno Kyoko." It was changed to "In the case of Kyoko Tohno" for US release.

OVA #4 is titled, "Trismegistus." Found by MAd Mithras: "The name means 'Hermes Thrice Greatest' and is the title given to the Egyptian lunar god Thoth (Tehuti) by the Greeks in their attempt to equate the Egyptian gods with their own." Rest of info is here.


What is the manga/anime, .hack//DUSK, about?
.hack//DUSK takes place four years after the games end. In an online contest of some sort, two twins, Shugo and Rena Kunizaki, win the character avatars of the legendary .Hackers, Kite and BlackRose. The anime version is airing currently in Japan, and the manga installments are being published monthly inside Comptiq magazine.



What is the novel, .hack//AI BUSTER, about?
.hack//AI BUSTER takes place before the anime, .hack//SIGN. In it, the Long Arm player, Albireo, a system admin of The World, discovers an A.I. named Lycoris. It's a short novel that can be purchased at Amazon of Japan.



What is .hack//DUSK?
What is .hack//UdeDen?
What is .hack//Legend of Twilight's Bracelet?
What is .hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet?
What is .hack//Tasogare no Udewa Monogatari?
.hack//Tasogare no Udewa Densetsu is the manga drawn by a Rei Izumi, with an anime version now airing on TV Tokyo and TV Osaka.

.hack//DUSK is a fantitle for the series.

.hack//UdeDen is the offical nickname for the series; even used by the Manga Artist.

.hack//Legend of Twilight's Bracelet is #Anime-Junkies translation of the title; though any sensible person would want to know, "Who's Twilight and why does the bracelet belong to them?" :P

.hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet is the more correct translation of .hack//Tasogare no Udewa Densetsu.

.hack//Tasogaren o Udewa Monogatari is a mistranslation by Newtype USA's staff.


Content originally written by Rhyste

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