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Part One: General .hack//SIGN Questions

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The .hack//SIGN FAQ
Part One: General .hack//SIGN Questions

Question Bank


Is there a second season of .hack//SIGN?
When is the second season of .hack//SIGN starting?
There is no second season of .hack//SIGN. The .hack series continues in the PS2 games... however, there is an "episode 27," sort of. It's a DVD called ".hack//Another Story." Basically, it stars Mimiru, and tells the aftermath of .hack//SIGN. This isn't 100% confirmed, and the DVD hasn't been released in Japan yet.


Which came first: .hack//SIGN or .hack//LIMINALITY?
.hack//SIGN came out first. It also comes first chronologically.


When did .hack//SIGN air?
From April 4th to September 26th 2002 on TV Tokyo, around 12am at night.


Is .hack//SIGN airing in the US?
It will be appearing on the Toonami Super Saturday Block on February 1st 2003 as well - 3pm EST, 1pm MST. Unsure of future plans for now.


Is .hack//SIGN being commerically released in the US?
.hack//SIGN is going to be released on DVD's starting in March. Anime on DVD has a section dedicated to the special edition hexagon box. You can order it at The Right Stuf but it won't be shipped until it's released in March. ^_^;

Thank you to Dan the Chipmunk for the Right Stuf link. ^_^


What is .hack//SIGN about?
.hack//SIGN is about a boy named Tsukasa who plays The World. He finds himself unable to Log Out one day. .hack//SIGN then begins to tell his quest of human discovery, and his search for a way to leave The World.


Where can I buy or obtain .hack//SIGN?
You can buy bootlegs over eBay, or you can buy the real DVD's on online stores, OR, you could be like me and 10,000 other people and download the entire series using programs such as KaZaA or WinMX. You can also usually find a bunch over anime-based IRC channels.


Who is the dancing user in the opening?
Uhm, well... some people think that it's Helba, but her hair's not blonde enough, nor is it long enough, to be Helba's. ^^; And notably, her boobs don't look big enough. :P Some people think the opening is kind of like a commerical for The World, because you see the person logging on (you see the optical mouse click), and then some people think it might be Morgana. I myself like the idea about the dancing user and the person logging on being part of a commerical for The World.


Who is the naked girl in the ending?
I think it's Subaru, stripped, by a window, waiting for... Tsukasa perhaps? But, most people bitch that it couldn't possibly be Subaru, because the girl's hair is seemingly longer, and she's naked - Subaru's a bit of a delicate flower; why would she strip? *cue eye roll* However, her naked body could be a metaphor to, "being stripped" as in, "being yourself."

Recommendation: Download "Stripped" by Depeche Mode.


In the opening, when the cast is moving across with their weapons, you see a face underneath. Is that them IRL? Or a random person?
If you look closely enough, each face looks like Tsukasa's. I think it shows that they're all connected to Tsukasa, and that they're going to help him fight his enemy.


What is the tablet that Tsukasa touches?
A small representation of the Tablet of the Twilight.


Who is the cat that doesn't talk?
That is Maha... I really can't say what Maha is just yet, unless you want UEBER-spoilers.

In the Epitaph of the Twilight, of which The World was based off of, depicts eight phases (starting with Skeith); the sixth one is named Maha. It's a theory, that the Maha that appeared to Tsukasa is the same as the Maha depicted in the Epitaph. And in episode 25 when Maha sacrifice themself for Tsukasa, the dark Guardians re-write him into the game character, Mia. After the 3rd phase, Magus, is destroyed in the game, Mia slowly begins to be re-written into the 6th phase, Maha. If this theory is correct or not, will have to wait until volume four is released.


Who is the sleeping girl?
That is Aura. She is an AI programmed into The World. Aura has a purpose that has yet to be fulfilled. I assume that Morgana doesn't want her to fulfill it, and ties Tsukasa and Aura together so that Aura will sleep. Morgana is able to trap Tsukasa inside the game, and ties him to Aura. He can only log out when Aura is awakened. In turn, only he can awake Aura.


Who is that voice that talks to Tsukasa?
That is Morgana. Like Aura, she is also an AI in The World. She is the one who keeps Tsukasa in The World, and gives him his Guardian. She calls herself Tsukasa's mother, like she's going to be the mother whom Tsukasa never had. She bounds him to The World, and he can choose to make Aura sleep or not. But Morgana makes sure he won't want to leave The World and return to the real world by reminding him of what a [censored]ty place the real world is, and gives him something he never had in the real world: power, which comes in the form of the Guardian.


What is Tsukasa's guardian?
Tsukasa's Guardian is a gift from Morgana. I think it was one of her way's of making sure he'd stay in The World, and not want to go back to the real world. In the real world, Tsukasa didn't have a good upbringing; not much "power," and not a very good life either. Morgana then gives Tsukasa the Guardian - Tsukasa now has power, and Tsukasa recognizes this. It makes him not want to go to the real world.


Why does the Real World appear in B&W with TV static noises?
It appears in B&W to represent how opressive and boring the real world is. I think it has TV static noises like as if, someone from The World was watching the real world on a TV? You don't hear any sound either in the real world, which further makes it seem like a boring place.


What is the large monolith that appears at the beginning of episode one and the end of episode twenty-six?
That is the Tablet of the Twilight. It's the point of origin of the eight phases. It and the smaller tablet that Tsukasa touches in episode one are the same thing. ^_^;


Content originally written by Rhyste
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