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Part Three: Music Questions

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The .hack//SIGN FAQ
Part Three: Music Questions

Question Bank


Who is the composer of .hack//SIGN?
Who is this artist, See-Saw?
Yuki Kajiura, who also did the Noir soundtrack. She has her own little band called See-Saw, which is why you see that See-Saw does most of the vocal songs for .hack.


How many OST/Singles/Albums/CDs are there for .hack//SIGN?
There are three OST's: OST1, OST2, and Extra OST (aka: OST3), and one Single (Obsession).


What are the tracklists for the CDs?
Obsession Single


Where can I get/download the CDs/MP3s?
Usually off KaZaA, Direct Connect, WinMX, or using a xdcc server on IRC.


What is the song that plays when Ginkan and Tsukasa fight near the end of episode one?
That song is on OST3 - it's Track 18 - Bridge 01.


What is the name of the song that plays when Tsukasa is riding around on his Puchiguso in episode one?
What is the name of the jazzy song that plays when Balmung appears in episode 22?
Neither of these songs were on any of the OST's, unless I seriously missed something. It could be that they're from the game soundtrack, but I haven't heard a .hack game OST release yet.


What is the name of the song that plays during the Helba Gate scene in episode 23?
Sen Yoru Ichi Yoru. Alternate titles: Senya Ichiya, Thousand Night One Night. Also acts as the OVA2 opening song.


Is Sora's Banjo music on one of the OST's?
Extra OST (aka: OST3), Track #23, Bridge 05.


Content originally written by Rhyste
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