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Part Four: Episode Specific Questions

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The .hack//SIGN FAQ
Part Four: Episode Specific Questions

Question Bank


Who is the girl who has fainted at the end of episode one?
Is it Ginkan's player who's shown fainted at the end of episode one?
No. That is Tsukasa's player IRL.


Who is this "Kreem" that the Crimson Knights are talking about in episode two?
Early fansubbers mispelled "Crim" as "Kreem." So, it's not some new character, it's just a typo.


ho was the Wave Master Bear was talking to in the beginning of episode 10?
That is his son. Explanation by Tavila: In Japan, when a person divorces, their children don't keep contact with the other parent. Bear's son is trying to use him to get money for a Car, and using the divorce as an excuse to milk his dad.


Who is the blonde woman with the white clothes who Bear meets in episode 13?
That is Helba - a legendary hacker known throughout The World and the internet. She has a much larger role in the PS2 games, however.


Who is the weird curly haired man (episodes 14 and 22)?
That is an emodiment of the creator of The World, Harold Hyuek. He created both AI's, Aura and Morgana, but his intended use for both the said AI's is unknown. It's revealed in OVA3 that he was trying to bring the outside world into the game world.


Who is the girl who looks an awfully a lot like Subaru in episode 19 and what is her problem?
That would be Kaho - a crazed Stalker Fan of Subaru's. Because Subaru is "famous," people naturally want to copy her character's look. At the beginning of episode 19, you hear those two Blade Users talking about how Subaru must be an imposter.


Who is the silver-haired, angel winged, bandana-wearing bishonen who pops up for an entire two seconds in episode 22?
SOUTEN NO BALMUNG! ^_^ The token bishonen of the .hack series, and my future husband. ^____^
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