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Part Five: Last Episode Questions

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The .hack//SIGN FAQ
Part Five: Last Episode Questions

Question Bank


How is Tsukasa able to indentify the fake Mimiru from the real Mimiru, but not the fake Subaru from the real Subaru?
Tsukasa has known Mimiru and her stubborness since episode one. Subaru, on the other hand, is a person he's still getting familar with to this point.


How does Tsukasa awaken Aura?
Somewhere along the line, he's able to recognize that awakening Aura is his way to logging out of The World. He now has a will to awaken her, because if she awakens, he'll be able to log out, and go see Subaru.


What/who is Skeith?
Skeith is the first of eight phases sent after Aura. They're kind of like messengers of Morgana, who do her dirty work. What their true intention is, and what Morgana's true intention is, is quite unknown.


Sora is Data Drained by Skeith. What happens to Sora is that he falls unconscious in real life, but he is consciously still stuck inside the game. It's revealed in .hack//Erosion Pollution that he's inside of Skeith's staff.


How is Tsukasa finally able to log out?
He wants to log out now - he now has a will and a reason to leave The World. At the beginning of the series he wants to stay in The World, but by the end he's decided he's going to awaken Aura, and he's going to get out, and he's going to meet Subaru.


Do Tsukasa and Subaru really meet?
There was an interestion conversation about this, that it could be like the Matrix, and that Tsukasa never really meets Subaru, which is why you see the hands freeze.


Why don't Tsukasa and Subaru's hands touch?
Perhaps to show that the battle for the net world has *just* begun.


What is the monolith that appears in the end?
That is the Tablet of the Twilight.


Is there something wrong with my episode 26? It shows two hands almost about to touch, but then it suddenly cuts off, and you see a giant cellphone thing, then a "to be continued" picture.
... no. That's the way the episode ends. >_>;


Are Tsukasa and Subaru lesbians? If yes, when do we get to watch?
Tsukasa and Subaru are lesbians in doujinshi and fanfic. :P (And in your sad, sick imagination).
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