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The future of dothackers!

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If you have been a fan of the .hack franchise over the last decade or just stumbled upon it recently, you know we have been craving for something new to come out from CyberConnect2 and their buddies Namco Bandai in Japan. Hints of .hack's decline started off with the lack of an English localization of the .hack//LINK PSP game. Namco Bandai and Bandai Entertainment's corporate restructuring did not help either. .hack simply got left in the dust outside of Japan. Fortunately, .hack//Quantum made it's way to the United States thanks to FUNimation, and that may be the last bit .hack goodness we ever see again.

Since dothackers began in 2003 the Internet has changed. A lot. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Digg ceased to exist. Think about that for a second - dothackers.net is ancient in Internet terms! I'd like to think I've tried my best to keep up with the new trends, which includes our Facebook community of 5300+ fans. Since there has been a severe lack of news I admittedly have grown restless (see: random Facebook postings that make some people question my sanity). Personally it doesn't make sense for dothackers to sit here and wither away, but to try and introduce fans of the site and .hack franchise to something I believe you guys will be interested in.

In the near future dothackers will be redirected to a new site dedicated to Japanese pop-culture, anime, gaming... pretty much anything related Japan! The message board will survive the transition because it is basically a bonafide historical landmark in the .hack franchise with years of news and fan-made content!

So to keep this simple: .hack news will transition to the new website, including Facebook/Twitter accounts. The message board will not be touched and remain active at http://www.dothackers.net/forums. Just think of the URL changing and you having access to a lot more Japanese-related content in between the droughts of .hack news.

Thanks to all who have contributed to the website in the past and the many, many fans of dothackers! I hope to see you guys over on the next chapter of my Net Slumming (maybe with just a few less year-long comas)! More news to follow!

- Dave (d5t)

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