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.hack//SIGN and many more .hack series set for re-release!

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.hack fans snap out of your coma! Back in July of last year FUNimation announced the licensing of all (well, close enough) .hack anime from the now defunct Bandai Entertainment. Up until last week they've been very quiet on the timing of the releases. At New York Comic Con on Saturday FUNi broke its' silence and announced street dates for .hack//SIGN, //Legend of The Twilight, //Roots, and //Trilogy on DVD!

This is a sigh of relief if you've wanted to own .hack//SIGN on DVD especially; it is fetching $100+ dollars on Amazon for used copies since it has been out of production for a while! All of .hack//SIGN's 25 episodes also began streaming on Hulu with subtitles starting on September 5th (through 12/19) if you can't wait for the DVD release.

//SIGN, //Legend of the Twilight and //Roots will be re-distributed with its original dub in place courtesy of Bandai Entertainment. The original release of //Trilogy had subtitles only with Japanese voice overs and will not be dubbed by FUNimation.

.hack//LIMINALITY, a 4-part OVA series which was bundled with the original PS2 games, has not enjoyed a standalone release and will likely be stuck in limbo.

There has been no word on FUNimation licensing .hack//The Movie, which had a limited theatrical run in Japan on January 21st, 2012 and a DVD/Blu-ray release afterwards. .hack//Quantum, the latest .hack anime series, was released by FUNimation on March 25th, 2011 in the U.S.

.hack//SIGN (February 25th, 2015 release) 25 episodes
Set in the year 2007, .hack//SIGN takes place entirely in an MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) called "The World." The anime is based around a player named Tsukasa and his inability to mentally log out of the game. In the real world Tuskasa's body goes into a comatose state.


.hack//Legend of the Twilight (April 7th, 2015 release) 12 episodes
.hack//Legend of the Twilight takes place after the events of //SIGN and the 4 original PS2 .hack video games. The main characters Rena and Shugo, mysteriously win a contest to use illegal character modifications of the infamous .hackers, Kite and Blackrose (the main characters from the games.)


.hack//Roots (May 19th, 2015 release) 26 episodes
Set in the year 2017, "The World" is now infested with many PKers (Player Killers). As a result of this, "The World R:2" has become unstable and segregated into many opposing guilds. Roots introduces Haseo, a newbie in The World, and The Twilight Brigade guild.


.hack//G.U. Trilogy (June 30th, 2015 release) CG Movie
Directed partly by CC2 president Hiroshi "Piros" Matsuyama himself (this name should be familiar if you've played the .hack games), Trilogy retells the story of the //G.U. games, with a new level of cinematic detail beyond what can be done in a PS2 game.


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