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  • Hotkey buttons for the hotkey bar actually work correctly now. For real this time (before I didn't commit the save)
  • You can now check your client version by typing "/console get version". This is to make sure your client is updated.
  • Fixed a problem where lots (thousands) of bugs were getting triggered. This was due to the targetting. (Also didn't commit this before)
  • Right clicking no longer takes you face-to-face with an NPC... all the time. It might be difficult to click perfectly on a tile, and if you're too close to another one it might round. Try to get your mouse in the middle of the reticle, vertically).
  • In addition to the previous, to help make sure the click lands -- there is a half second delay on click-to-move.
  • Fixed an issue where players stats were getting capped
  • Completely fixed the NPC-Freezing issue. This may also fix the glitch where spells freeze a player.
  • Changing your direction now shows for other people (by much request)
  • Fixed a bug where doors would warp the player. Now, it will rubber-band you (only you will see that, no one else will see you move)
  • Left it out in previous versions, but you can now see dropped items after 3 seconds instead of 30.
  • Escape key will now close the chatbox instead of typing invalid characters. Intentionally, it will also keep your current-typing saved so you can reopen and send it when it's convenient for you. I may remove this feature if people don't like it.
  • Fixed the very poor grammar when you click "Char."
  • Possibly fixed the issue where account names were being truncated. Let me know about this one
  • Scrolling the chatbox should no longer jump either direction (Let me know if it does)

Known bugs : (things i'll look into next update)

  • Spells are missing icons
  • Health items don't work
  • Typing & produces an underscore
  • Client crashing when re-logging
  • Client crashing when exiting properly
  • Party invite text spilling out
  • Hold-To-Scroll in the inventory
  • Party GUI
  • Guilds
  • Doing /save to save
  • Much more (in the bug reports)

I may have left some things out, but that's the general idea of it. Make sure to keep up with reporting bugs. The bigger the problem, the quicker I'll get it fixed!

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